GOSHEN — Splashing, pedaling and stepping their way, multiple generations of athletes took part in the 2019 Rock the Quarry Triathlon and Mile Swim presented by the Goshen Parks & Recreation Department .

Competitors shared camaraderie and competition during the fifth annual event held Saturday at Fidler Pond Park.

When the first wave of swimmers hit the water at 8 a.m., it was overcast and 69 degrees. By the end, the sun was shining through and the waterfowl were flying overhead for close to 250 participants of the sprint triathlon (500-yard swim, 15.8-mile bike and 3.1-mile run).

Jayson Pestow was the overall and male winner at 1 hour, 12 minutes, 56 seconds (8:59 in the swim, 41:37 in the bike and 20:57 in the run).

Pestow, 35, calls Bristol home but he grew up in Goshen and was taking part in the Rock The Quarry for the third time.

“My father worked at Fidler, and I fished here as a kid,” Pestow said. “This event is family-friendly and it’s a good time.”

His goal was to make the transitions between each race stage in about 30 seconds. He said making smooth transitions can make the difference between winning a race and placing second.

Pestow races in four to five triathlons a year — anywhere from sprint to half-Ironman distances. He plans to compete Aug. 26 at the Barron Lake Triathlon in Niles, Michigan.

Pestow spent most of his summer water training in open water. He can be found at 5:30 a.m. on Simonton Lake in Elkhart.

“Swimming is not the fun part for me,” said Pestow. “The swim gets met to the bike and run.

“For 30 years, I thought I knew how to swim. I just knew how not to drown. Swimming efficiently is very difficult.”

Pat Ruff (1:24:56) was the top female finisher.

Pacing the mile swimmers was Nicholas Dibley (20:46). The best female finisher in that race was Sarah Weilein (29:00).

Several supporters donned blue T-shirts with “Go! Klop! Go!” on the front and “Team Klopfenstein” on the back. They were family and friends there to root for Sammy Klopfenstein, who was taking part in his first triathlon. He is the son of Goshen veterinarian and triathlete, Dr. Dereck Klopfenstein, who was struck by a vehicle while bicycling in St. Joseph County Aug. 8 and was still in intensive care Saturday.

“This was a passion for his dad,” said Ben Rheinheimer, a mentor to Sammy at Belmont Mennonite Church in Elkhart. “Samuel has picked up that passion.

“This was something he needed to do.”

Sammy Klopfenstein finished first in the Male 15-19 division in 1:24:14.

Rheinheimer said Dereck and Sammy, who is heading into his freshmen year at Bethany Christian School, where he is on the cross-country team, have enjoyed outdoor adventures like rock climbing and whitewater rafting.

Cheering on Team Klopfenstein was a way to show love.

“Family and friends have been looking for a way to support the family at a tough time,” said Rheinheimer. “We don’t always know what to say or do.”




Overall: 1st, Jayson Pestow 1:12.6; 2nd, Tyler Peterson 1:13:10; 3rd, Justin Sauder 1:13:56.

No age: 1st, John Morse 2:13:04.

15-19: 1st, Samuel Klopfenstein 1:24.:14; 2nd, Dylan Miller 1:29:21; 3rd, Cooper Young 1:34:50.

20-24: 1st, Cameron Gruntman 1:21:11; 2nd, Brandon Reinholt 1:23:17; 3rd, Matthew Takach 1:44:32.

25-29: 1st, Daniel Zelaya 1:29:45; 2nd, Joel Glon 1:35:31; 3rd, Zane Hollar 1:41:44.

30:34: 1st, Scott Flagle 1:17:55; 2nd, Brian Scanlon 1:19:36; 3rd, Kurt Neufeld 1:20:49.

35-39: 1st, Craig Bontrager 1:16:03; 2nd, Luke Both 1:19:00; 3rd, Jerome Pritchard 1:19:23.

40-44: 1st, Aaron Short 1:16:04; 2nd, Aaron Rausch 1:22:43; 3rd, Mark Leu 1:23:56.

45-49: 1st, Gene Crusie 1:14:43; 2nd, Aaron Wolfe 1:24:04; 3rd, Matt Fisher 1:22:22.

50-54: 1st, Michael Hinton 1:14:11; 2nd, Jerald Schrock 1:19:31; 3rd, Ken Borowski 1:22:11.

55-59: 1st, Steve Savage 1:23:07; 2nd, Bryan Heinz 1:23:36; 3rd, Todd Rothi 1:25:31.

60-64: 1st, Justin Frericks 1:20:26; 2nd, Douglas Stanley 1:23:16; 3rd, Kevin Truelove 1:28:43.

65-69: 1st, Robert Stephens 1:32:07; 2nd, Jeff Miller 1:32:47; 3rd, Bruce Daugherty 1:43:56.

70:74: 1st, Kenneth Geljack 1:31:49; 2nd, Steve Knouff 1:38:02; 3rd, Dave Hanichak 1:38:18.

75-and-over: 1st, Fred Hemsath 1:44:45.


Overall: 1st, Pat Ruff 1:24:56; 2nd, Pat Wiloszek 1:25:25; 3rd, Emily Fruehwirth 1:26:26.

14-and-under: 1st. Sia Grewal 2:00:43.

20-24: 1st, Elisabeth Rexroth 1:44.15; 2nd, Sara Zelaya 2:12:41.

25-29: 1st, Stephanie Burkholder 1:55:36.

30-34: 1st, Tanja Pritchard 1:34:39; 2nd, Liz Gunden 1:34:44; 3rd, Hannah Gerig Meyer 1:37:07.

35-39: 1st, Natalie Kronick 1:27:44; 2nd, Staci Weisser 1:29:29; 3rd, Julia Pagano 1:43:58.

40-44: 1st, Rebecca Corrente 1:27:34; 2nd, Rebecca Johnson 1:34:07; 3rd, Tara Sparks 1:59:37.

45-49: 1st, Christy Howard 1:41:58; 2nd, Susan Cleveland 1:44:03; 3rd, Preeya Grewal 1:57:02.

50-54: 1st, Holly Walters 1:33:56; 2nd, Lori Crawford 1:37:14; 3rd, Janalyn Miller 1:39:07.

55-59: 1st, Resia Rinker 1:35:16; 2nd, Wendy Canavan 1:45:53; 3rd, Sandra Zielinski 1:46:01.

60-64: 1st, Alane Rozelle 1:41:43; 2nd, Wanda Miller 1:42:13.

65-69: 1st, Ann Vestle 1:41:41.

Mixed: 1st, Team Provida Fitness 1 1:25:39; 2nd, Team Provida Fitness 2 1:26:20.

Relay (combined age over 100): 1st, Team Derailed 1:32:42.

Relay (combined age under 100): 1st, Team Maple Leaf Ducks 1:27:02; 2nd, Team Hohoman 1:29:08; 3rd, Team Gabori 1:38:07.

Chariot: 1st, Morgan Swafford 1:46:54; 2nd, Gambit Larue 1:46:54.

Mile Swim


Overall: 1st, Nicholas Dibley 20:46; 2nd, Luke Dibley 21:20; 3rd, Jon Hueni 21:40.

20-24: 1st, Bryan Ahonen 31:56.

30-34: 1st, Luke Penner 32:14.

35-39: 1st, Freddy Cruz 43:40; 2nd, Jesse Stoltefus 44:21; 3rd, Benjamin Neuenschwander 53:47.

40-44: 1st, Chris Fruehwirth 24:54; 2nd, Jason Potsander 33:31.

45-49: 1st, Robby Kissling 36:41; 2nd, Daniel Scott 46:02.

50-54: 1st, Kyle Hoskins 23:26; 2nd, Ken Kidulas 27:58; 3rd, Mark Ahonen 33:02.

55-59: 1st, Lars Petersen 27:51; 2nd, Kevin Amick 31:54; 3rd, David Dabertin 33:01.

60-64: 1st, Thomas Vogel 24:38; 2nd, Dean Schmidlapp 32:48; 3rd, Jake Free 56:07.

65-69: 1st, David Jarrett 32:22; 2nd, Don Ransome 49:49.

70-74: 1st, Larry Watkins 33:15.


Overall: 1st, Sarah Weilein 29:00; 2nd, Jennifer Banning 29:22; 3rd, Edith Siemanowski 29:58.

14-and-under: 1st, Mallorie Freitag 31:07; 2nd, Cecilia Frazee 33:12.

15-19: 1st, Elizabeth Ahonen 33:01.

20-24: 1st, Ella Knight 33:51; 2nd, Emma Groff 39:49.

30-34: 1st, Stephanie Wieczorek 30:28; 2nd, Janna Duke 32:17; 3rd, Abby Wiles 36:29.

35-39: 1st, Dawn Loeprich 47:41; 2nd, Miriam Neuenschwander 50:18.

40-44: 1st, Kathleen Jones 33:39; 2nd, Jennifer Whitmer 35:10.

50-54: 1st, Marla Obert 47:19.

55-59: 1st, Rebecca Groff 42:02.

60-69: 1st, Cindy Miller 43:43.

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