Dawn Miller

Dawn Miller, 53, won The Goshen News’ 2021 NCAA Tournament Contest. Miller finished in a three-way tie for first, but ultimately won because of a tiebreaker. Alve Shetler and Eric Lambright were the other two entries who finished tied for first.

Five points.

That’s what separated Dawn Miller and Alve Shetler from deciding who won The Goshen News’ 2021 NCAA Tournament Contest.

Miller, Shetler and Eric Lambright sat atop the contest standings going into the Final Four this past weekend, with all three taking Baylor to defeat Gonzaga. Sure enough, Baylor upended the previously unbeaten Bulldogs, 86-70, giving the Bears its first title in program history. This also meant that the three-way tie for first would come down to the tiebreaker: total points scored in the title game.

Before the tournament, Miller guessed 147 points, Shetler 142 and Lambright 135. That means, by virtue of being closest to the 156 total points scored in Monday’s title game, Miller is The News’ tournament contest champion for 2021.

“It was just a guess,” said Miller on choosing 147 points, which ultimately won her the top prize of $100.

Miller said she watches some college basketball, but not a lot. She knew Baylor was good, though, and that’s why she took the Bears to win it all.

“Just a lucky guess, I guess,” said Miller in picking Baylor. “I mean, I knew they were good. … I don’t watch all of the games, but I do watch some. So, it was probably mostly luck.”

Miller, 53, is from Middlebury. She’s a graduate of Northridge High School and is a hair stylist. She said she’s entered the tournament contest a few times in the past, but hasn’t found much success in it.

“It was a surprise,” said Miller when she heard she won the contest. “I don’t usually win stuff, so this is nice.”

A total of 275 people submitted brackets for this year’s contest, whether it be through online or by mailing in a completed bracket. A total of 32 points were available for each round, meaning a perfect bracket would net you 192 points. You get one point for each correct first round pick, two for the second round, four for the Sweet 16, eight for the Elite Eight, 16 for the Final Four and 32 for the championship pick.

Miller scored 21 points in the first round, 16 in both the second and Sweet 16 rounds, 24 in the Elite Eight and 32 each in the Final Four and title game to claim victory.

A total of 33 entries picked Baylor to win the championship, with 30 of those taking the top 30 spots.

The Goshen News’ 2021 NCAA Tournament Contest — final standings (point total in parentheses)

Dawn Miller, Middlebury (141), Alve Shetler, Goshen (141), Eric Lambright, Middlebury (141), Douglas Beachy, Middlebury (138), Tammi Carter, Bristol (137), Sena Brown, New Paris (137), Doug Sherman, Millersburg (137), Jason Miller, Topeka (136), John Bailey, Goshen (134), Ricky Harris, Goshen (134),Crystal Clark, Elkhart (133), Lynn Lehman, Goshen (133), Helen Bailey, Goshen (132), Gary Groves, Goshen (130), Jack Leatherman, Elkhart (130), Jim George, Wakarusa (130), Kevin Yoder, Middlebury (130), Maurice Lehman, Goshen (129), Nathan Blyly, Indianapolis (128), Harlan Hite, Ligonier (127), Curt Lambdin, Goshen (124), Lisa Yoder, Topeka (120), Brandon Frisby, Goshen (113), Lisa Stephens, Goshen (113), Skyler Mullet, Middlebury (113), Mike Smith, Nappanee (112), Kevin Hochstetler, Goshen (111), Jerry Miller, Millersburg (111), Carrie Jones, Goshen (109), Mark Gannon , Middlebury (108), Dewayne Miller, Lagrange (108), Ron Rheinheimer, Goshen (107), Cheryl Hoover, Goshen (107), Brodie Garber, Goshen (106), Mark Engle, Shipshewana (105), Jeff Hershberger, Goshen (105), Jaden Mullet, Goshen (104), Ernie Crilow, Wakarusa (104), Myron Jay Miller, Middlebury (104), Marcus Miller, Nappanee (103), Bob Sherman, Goshen (102), Jackie Heller, Goshen (102), Ricky Miller, Middlebury (101), Stephen Gresso, Bristol (101), Logan Walker, Salem (101), Mary Yoder, Goshen (101), Rollin Handrich, Goshen (98), Timothy Penner, Goshen (98), Phyllis Smith, Goshen (97), Jeff Snodgrass , Wakarusa (97), Ron Padgett, Goshen (97), Larry Doss, Goshen (96), Travis Yoder, Middlebury (95), Joas Lambright, Lagrange (95), Paul Jones, Goshen (94), Phil Lahr, Goshen (94), Earl Hossler, Goshen (93), Wayne Price, Leesburg (93), Terry Jones, Goshen (92), Renell Knepp, Goshen (90), Myron Bontreger, Goshen (90), Roger Martin, Goshen (89), Ilona Lehman , Goshen  (88), Trina  Mullet , Middlebury  (88), Edna Miller, Middlebury (88), Carlie Miller, Goshen (87), Chaun Steiner, Toledo (87), Ryan Duckworth, Goshen (86), Brian Cripe, Goshen (86), John Ingold, Goshen (85), Joe Mast, Lagrange (85), Jerry Goshert, Elkhart (84), Timothy Taylor, Shipshewana (84), Dorene Hostetler-Cripe, Goshen (84), Michael Chrzanowski, Goshen (83), H James Smith, Goshen (83), Tim Schermerhorn, Ligonier (83), Travis Maust, Millersburg (83), Doug Brown, Goshen (83), Steve Nielsen , Middlebury  (83), Drew Hochstetler, Middlebury (83), John Place, Goshen (82), Nate Mullet, Goshen (82), Tim Ryman , Bristol (82), Joel Gonzalez, Harrisonburg (82), Brady Willard, Millersburg (82), Anson Mullet, Middlebury (82), Leah Schrock, Goshen (82), Cheryl Steiner, Goshen (82), Jim Hamilton, Goshen (82), Ada Bontrager, Bristol (82), Paula Schermerhorn, Ligonier (81), Steve Kuiper, Goshen (81), Theron Johnson, Goshen (81), Joe D. Yoder, Middlebury (81), Wayne Christner, Middlebury (81), Roger Schermerhorn, Ligonier (80), Tim Lambdin, Goshen (80), Charlie Steiner, Goshen (79), Marvey Sponhauer, Syracuse (79), Myron Schrag, Goshen (79), Wilbur Hochstetler, Topeka (79), Marion Bontrager, Shipshewana (79), Marietta Lambdin, Goshen (79), Seth Hartsough, Goshen (78), Jim Bare, Goshen (78), Matt Davis, Middlebury (78), David Yoder, Wakarusa (78), Garry Heller, Columbia (78), Tom Thomas, Grand Rapids (77), Sherry Miller, Middlebury (77), Marla Lehman, Milford (77), Michael A. Stark, Goshen (77), Brent Miller, Middlebury (76), Brian Zentz, Goshen (76), Gary Haney, Goshen (76), Kermit Hoover, Goshen (76), Delmar Lehman, Millersburg (76), Mike Truex, Goshen (75), Josh Kauffman, Goshen (75), Treyton Huser, Goshen (75), Ron Bontrager, Goshen (75), Steve Priest, Goshen (75), Devon Knepp, Shipshewana (74), Gary Smith, Goshen (74), David Raber, Shipshewana (73), Markus Miller, Wolcottville (73), Keaton Mcdonald, Topeka (73), Bob Carpenter, Millersburg (73), Jim  Hartzell, Wakaruua (73), Caleb Smith, Goshen (72), Jerry Hawkins, Goshen (72), Devin  Puckett, Goshen (72), Sheri Dunlap, New Paris (72), Brenton Jones, Goshen (72), Lyle Hoochstetler, Goshen (72), Glen Mast, Topeka (72), Joel Wickey, Partridge (71), Trent Bitting, Elkhart (71), John K. Hershberger, Goshen (71), Lowell Hile, Goshen (71), Kristin Harshberger, Goshen (71), Marcus Slabach, Goshen (71), John Potter, Goshen (71), Steve Mcdonald, Shipshewana (70), Richard Gingerich, Goshen (70), Delane Graber, Goshen (70), Matthew Miller, Ligonier (70), Mike Leatherman, Goshen (70), Cheryl Dale, Nappanee (70), Staci Kandel, Nappanee (69), Chase Miller, Goshen (69), Michael Farmwald, Goshen (69), Bryan  Stephens, Goshen (68), Harlan Stoltzfus, Goshen (68), William Troyer, Goshen (68), Cheryl Caffee, Middlebury (68), Brad Schrock, Goshen (68), Steve Shively, Wakarusa (67), Robert Pflederer, Goshen (67), Tom Schermerhorn, Ligonier (67), Brooke Bechtel, Goshen (67), Brian Bontrager, Millersburg (67), Doug Caskey, Goshen (67), Ervin Bontrager, Goshen (67), Tony Miller, Goshen (66), Steve Miller, Goshen (66), Marion Lehman, Goshen (66), Alyssa Baumgartner, Ligonier (65), Bryce Willard, Millersburg (65), Richard Dunlap, Goshen (65), Holly Lambdin, Goshen (65), Troy Sands, Goshen (64), Perry Haimes, Goshen (64), Elizabeth Gunden, Goshen (64), Mark Huser, Goshen (64), Don Miller, Goshen (64), Mike Klein, Bristol (63), Lynn Mullet, Middlebury  (63), Curtis Troyer, Shipshewana (63), Jep Hostetler, Goshen (63), Ryan Linstromberg, Granger (61), Humberto Romo, Yorktown (61), Brady Shively, Nappanee (61), Caleb Shenk, Goshen (61), Floyd Miller, Wolcottville (61), Mj Sands, Goshen (61), Luke Lambdin, Goshen (61), Kevin Yoder, Goshen (60), Nate Miller, Middlebury (60), Mike Zent, Goshen (59), Steve Nielsen, Middlebury (59), Amy  Garber, Goshen (59), Vera Rudolph, Goshen (59), Orval Burkholder, Goshen (59), Peter Vandersluis, Goshen (59), Jim Tyson, Goshen (58), Penny Anglemeyer, Bremen (57), Barb Toole, Goshen (57), Deann Knepp, Goshen (57), Stan Cook, Wakarusa (57), Marla Huser, Goshen (57), Linda Hartzell, Wakarusa (56), Nic Engle, Shipshewana (56), Kurt Neufeld, Goshen (56), Brent  Stephens, Goshen (56), Shaun Hill, Goshen (56), Jeanne Aller, Leesburg (56), Norma Miller, Lagrange (55), Frederick Yoder, Goshen (54), Wm. E. Harshberger, Goshen (54), Maria Brown, Goshen (53), Mary Anne Harshberger, Goshen (53), Matt Harshberger, Goshen (53), Chris Schrock, Shipshewana (53), Kevin Deary, Goshen (53), Rick Catron, Goshen (52), Stephen Steele, Goshen (52), Leanna Schrock, Middlebury (52), James Yoder, Goshen (51), Shannon Bushong, Topeka (51), Sharon Brugger Norton, Goshen (51), Andrew O' Connor, Bourbon (51), Richard Tyson, Ellkhart (50), Shelly Showalter, Millersburg (50), Carolyn S. Disher, Goshen (50), Floyd Yoder, Topeka (50), Vern Miller, Topeka (50), Ritch Bowers, Nappanee (50), Daniel Jones, Goshen (49), Ivan Makximenko, Nappanee (49), Michael Lehman, Milford (47), Kathy Mast, Goshen (47), Spencer Culp, Mishawaka (46), Lyle E. Harshberger, Goshen (46), Calvin D. Miller, Topeka (46), Mike Deak, Milford (45), David Widmer, Goshen (45), Joey Gmitter, Trenton (45), Aaron Fry, Shipshewana (45), Darin Kauffman, Goshen (44), Jeff Cross, Elkhart (43), Keith Hartman, Nappanee (43), Bill Dunlap, New Paris (41), Shirley Bowers, Wakarusa (41), Tyler Huser, Goshen (41), Ralph Spelbring, Elkhart (41), James K. Miller, Shipshewana (40), Brittany Jones, Goshen (38), Micah Randolph, Nappanee (37), Dave Miller, Goshen (36), Scott Kingsbury, Columbus (36), Stephanie Randolph, Nappanee (36), Michael Miller, Wakarusa (35), Sonya Huser, Wauseon (34), Brock Bechtel, Middlebury (33), Jodi Jones, Goshen (32), Walter Anglemeyer, Bremen (28), Fran Bontreger, Goshen (27), Grant Baumgartner, Ligonier (21).

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