GOSHEN — The Bashor Children’s Home held their annual charity golf outing at Maplecrest Golf Club Wednesday. The outing was scheduled to take place on June 5, but it was postponed to the 19th because of the rain. A rain storm on June 4 left puddles of water throughout Maplecrest, making the course unplayable on the 5th.

Unfortunately, this is how most of the spring and summer has gone for local golf clubs. The abundance of rain has made it harder for players to get out and play.

“It’s definitely hurt business just because we’ve been closed,” Carl Layher, an assistant golf professional at Maplecrest, said. “It hasn’t been very good.”

It’s been an unusually wet spring across Michiana. South Bend has seen roughly seven more inches of rain than Seattle in 2019, according to ABC57 meteorologist Tyler Sebree. From April 1 to June 13, Goshen had recorded rainfall on 42 of 74 days, per the National Weather Service.

With an unpredictable weather forecast, it’s made scheduling at the course difficult.

“The big thing is you’re dealing with your outside staff. The biggest thing with outside staff is that if it’s going to rain, you’re going to call them off,” Layher said. “That makes it a little bit hairy at times. If the weather’s good, obviously you’re going to have full staff.”

Maplecrest isn’t the only course affected by the rain. Meadow Valley Golf Club in Middlebury has also seen its fair share of days being closed because of the rain.

Zach Henderson, who helps run Meadow Valley, is in charge of the maintenance of the course. He said all of the rain hasn’t really delayed their maintenance schedule this year.

“We’re essentially on the same schedule as we’ve been in years past. We’d be watering right now, so the grass is still growing the same,” Henderson said.

Henderson even mentioned the rain has helped run Meadow Valley in a more cost-effective way.

“We haven’t run the irrigation system all year. That is very good because that is a hefty number on the electric bill,” Henderson said.

Still, Henderson would prefer it not rain as much.

“People are out here during the week, because it hasn’t been raining. But our weekend rounds have been hurting a lot because of the rain,” Henderson said. “It definitely stinks because we like seeing all the familiar faces out here on the weekends. I’d rather see people out here enjoying the game and taking time off from work.”

Jeff Carmien is the course operator at Raber Golf Course in Bristol. He was playing in the Bashor Children’s Home tournament Wednesday. Carmien says he’s noticed more people playing on good weather days this year than in the past.

“It’s tough when you want to have nice weather. You don’t play as much when the weather isn’t nice,” Carmien said. “On the nice days, we’ve been really busy because people are wanting to get out and play.”

Being able to support a good cause while also playing golf was the main reason why Carmien was at Maplecrest on Wednesday.

“It’s nice to get away from work, play another golf course, see their conditions,” Carmien said.

With the temperature expected to get warmer over the next couple of weeks, Layher is concerned about another type of weather affecting play.

“We’re worried about humidity come July. We’re going to have humidity everywhere,” Layher said. “I don’t think it’s going to rain much more.”

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