The two teams that won the Northern Lakes Conference baseball and softball titles wound up with the most all-conference players.

The All-NLC baseball and softball teams were released Monday, highlighted by five Northridge baseball players and four Concord softball players. Northridge also had four softball players make the team as well.

Northridge baseball won a sectional championship before falling to Mishawaka in the regional semifinal. The Concord softball team lost to Northridge in the sectional championship game. The Raiders then lost to Penn in the regional round.

The conference also announced its all-sports final standings Monday. The Northridge girls and Warsaw boys programs won top honors, scoring 115 and 118 points, respectively. Northridge won conference championships in girls soccer, basketball and swimming and diving, while Warsaw was co-champions in boys golf and basketball.

Schools earn 16 points for every sport they win a conference championship in, 14 for second, 12 for third, 10 for fourth, eight for fifth, six for sixth, four for seventh and two for eighth. Ties result in both schools earning one point less than the full points of that place in the standings. For example, co-conference champions earned 15 points each.

2019 NLC Baseball 1st Team All-Conference

Davis Enfield, Northridge

Drew Gayler, Northridge

Carter Gilbert, Northridge

Nick Logan, Northridge

Hayden Nickell, Northridge

Cooper Davis, NorthWood

Matt Dutkowski, NorthWood

Alec Holcomb, NorthWood

Jack Wysong, NorthWood

Levi Brown, Wawasee

Kameron Salazar, Wawasee

Parker Young, Wawasee

Dominick Reyes, Goshen

Skylar Reyes, Goshen

Tim Tremaine, Plymouth

Jesus Luva, Plymouth

Cole Filson, Plymouth

Landon Lee, Elkhart Memorial

Dylan Rost, Elkhart Memorial

Liam Patton, Warsaw

Drew McDougle, Concord

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Cam Waters, Northridge; Ben Becker, Northridge; Trey Allman, Northwood; Jaden Miller, Northwood; Austin Cain, Goshen; Carter Woody, Wawasee; Drew Pressler, Elkhart Memorial; Noah Burgh, Warsaw; Jacob Deacon, Plymouth; Hunter Dutton, Concord

2019 NLC Softball 1st Team All-Conference

Yadi Gomez, Concord

Alexis Kern, Concord

Alysa Marcin, Concord

Zoey Stender, Concord

Meghan Bontrager, Northridge

Allison Hostetler, Northridge

Ashley Beckler, Northridge

Madison Wienert, Northridge

Olivia Koshmider, Goshen

Brynn Shoup-Hill, Goshen

Ashton Darnell, Goshen

Abigayle Smith, Wawasee

Bethany Flannery, Wawasee

Graceanne Kerlin, Wawasee

Cadence Lee, Elkhart Memorial

Ashley Asher, Elkhart Memorial

Morgan Jenkins, NorthWood

Amialla Wojcik, Plymouth

Isabelle Dittmar, Warsaw

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Skylar Decker, Concord; Shelby Weidner, Elkhart Memorial; Madison Loge, Concord; Kennedy Hostetler, NorthWood; Makayla Snyder, Goshen; Ann Anders, Plymouth; Jenifer Robinson, Northridge; Lindsey Bradley, Warsaw; Makenna Knepp, Northridge; Delaney Hare, Wawasee.

All-Sport NLC Boys Rankings — Final Standings

1. Warsaw — 118 points

2. Northridge — 105

3. NorthWood — 94

4. Concord — 92

5. Plymouth — 82

6. Goshen — 79

7. Elkhart Memorial — 78

8. Wawasee — 68

All-Sport NLC Girls Rankings — Final Standings

1. Northridge — 115 points

2. Warsaw — 108

3. Concord — 94

4. Plymouth — 81

5. NorthWood — 80

6. Elkhart Memorial — 64

7. Wawasee — 55

8. Goshen — 51

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