TOPEKA — The college scholarship offers continue to roll in for Westview junior Charlie Yoder.

The 6-4 shooting guard received an offer from Jacksonville State Thursday, his first Division-I offer. Yoder said he’s been in contact with other Division-I schools, but the Gamecocks are his first official D1 offer. Jacksonville State, located in Jacksonville, Alabama, plays in the Ohio Valley Conference. It’s the 10th college offer Yoder has received.

While getting a Division-I offer is nice, what level a school plays at isn’t a factor Yoder is considering at this time.

“It doesn’t matter too much. As long as I’m happy and winning games,” Yoder said.

Yoder had a sensational junior season at Westview, setting the single-season scoring record with 734 points. He led the Warriors to a 25-6 record. Westview lost to Andrean, 60-49, in the regional championship game, bringing a bitter end to another strong season in Topeka.


With Yoder earning numerous All-State honors, rumors began to circulate about Yoder transferring to a bigger school for his senior year. Westview is in Class 2A and generally plays smaller schools, which are perceived to be weaker competition.

The soon-to-be senior squashed those rumors immediately, though.

“There were no discussions. I’m not really sure where that rumor came from. I’ve always wanted to finish my career at Westview and, obviously, the community and program has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember,” Yoder said. “There was no question that I was going to finish my high school career at Westview.”

His father, Westview coach Rob Yoder, wasn’t surprised a rumor like that was started.

“I’ve coached for a long time. People say a lot of stuff that doesn’t have any truth to it often. That’s just how life is,” Rob said. “I have no idea where any of that stuff comes from. It doesn’t do anything but make me smile a couple of times, honestly.”

Since the loss to Andrean, Charlie has been training for summer basketball. He sees special trainers in Valparaiso along with being in the gym with his high school teammates.

“I’ve been working out a lot, and then June is a big month for high school and the All-Star stuff for Indiana,” Charlie said. “I just got to keep getting in the gym with my high school team and keep working out.”

“I think that (Charlie) is very dedicated to his team that he’s playing for now and wants to see them do well and, hopefully, for us to have a good team,” Rob added.


Rob knows there will be a lot of attention on Westview this year with expectations high for Charlie’s senior season. Being able to focus on what they can control is something he plans on preaching to his team.

“You keep it on a very simple day-to-day level where you’re just trying to get better that day. It’s no different than during the season,” Rob said. “I think (Charlie) is very grounded and realizes he’s been around this for a long time. He’s been at the gym every practice since he was 3 or 4 years old … I don’t think our team will have trouble with it.”

As for the college decision making process, Charlie isn’t putting a timeline on anything.

“I’ve just been doing what I’ve been doing since I was a freshman. The school’s that have been in contact with me have continued to stay in contact with me,” Charlie said. “I just want (to go) somewhere where I’m happy and can fit in and win … we’re just going to play it by ear. Where I know will be the right fit is when I’m very confident in (my) decision. Then, I’ll make that choice.”

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