GOSHEN — Brynn Shoup-Hill admitted it was weird to be at a basketball court Tuesday and not be playing.

“Just watching is so weird. Like, my brother, I get so frustrated with him,” Shoup-Hill said.

After a summer of traveling around the region playing basketball, Shoup-Hill was a spectator to two of her younger siblings, Deecon and Kyra, playing in the annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair.

Deecon, 14, will be a freshman at Goshen High School starting in the fall. Growing up in a house full of basketball led to competition amongst all the Hill siblings.

“It was pretty fun. It’s like every day is a competition,” Deecon said. “Just trying to get shots up and stuff.”

Kyra, 13, will be starting eighth grade at Goshen Middle School next month. Being able to play in the county fair tournament is something Kyra enjoys.

“It’s fun. This will be fun playing in this tournament,” Kyra said. “I enjoy playing with (my teammates).”

It’s been a busy summer for Shoup-Hill, as she now has eight collegiate basketball offers. The Goshen High School junior had just one when her softball season ended in May.

The eight schools to offer Shoup-Hill are Purdue-Fort Wayne, Central Michigan, LIU-Brooklyn, Ball State, Indiana State, IUPUI, Illinois State and Akron.

“After playing and playing (basketball all summer) and getting some more recognition, it feels good,” Shoup-Hill said. “When I first started (this summer), I knew it was going to be an important summer but I wasn’t sure how it would go. Just had to play my hardest and see what happened from there.”

Traveling with Shoup-Hill all summer has been a cool experience for her two younger siblings.

“It’s been pretty cool because she goes on some college visits and I’ve been around with her and stuff,” Deecon said. “Meeting all the coaches is pretty cool.”

“It’s fun to travel with them. I really do care,” Kyra added.

It’s been easy for all three siblings to be good at basketball since their dad, Shaun Hill, coaches the Goshen High school girls team. Being able to go into the gym whenever they want has allowed them to develop into solid basketball players.

Dad has also been Shoup-Hill’s trainer throughout her basketball career.

“After games, he’s always tells me stuff to work on and things like that,” Shoup-Hill said. “When I’m in the gym, he tells me what I should focus on as well.”

As with all siblings, there’s rivalries. All three were pretty adamant in who they thought was the best basketball player of the three.

“It’s definitely me, like no doubt,” Shoup-Hill said. “My brother is a close second, but definitely me ... he plays zero defense, it’s terrible. But he’s a good scorer.”

Deecon disagreed.

“Obviously, me. It’s no debate,” he said. “I think I’m the best ... I just feel like I can score better than (Shoup-Hill does). She never wants to play me (one-on-one). She just think she’s going to lose and is afraid to play me anymore.”

Kyra is playing the long game.

“Let’s just say I will be the best,” Kyra said. “I have more triple-doubles than them.”

Both Kyra and Deecon will play in the finals of their respective age groups Thursday at 7:15 p.m.

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BOYS AGE 13-15 (11 teams)

First round: Team Zmuda def. Team M. Miller 13-5; Team Frey def. Team Springer 15-6; Team Chupp def. Team C. Smith 15-9

Second round: Team Moore def. Team Clark 13-12; Team Zmuda def. Team B. Yoder 15-11; Team Frey def. Team Cripe via forfeit; Team Chupp def. Team Herschberger 15-11

Semifinals: Team Zmuda def. Team Moore 15-7; Team Chupp def. Team Frey 15-8

Finals: Team Zmuda vs. Frey, Thursday, 7:25 p.m.

GIRLS AGE 13-15 (6 teams)

First round: Team Shepard def. Team Warbington 7-3; Team Stout def. Team Jones 13-12

Semifinals: Team Cross def. Team Shepard 14-5; Team Mattix def. Team Stout 14-13

Finals: Team Cross vs. Team Mattix, Thursday, 7:15 p.m.

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