This week was filled with important news for local residents. Here is what we think about some of the events that occurred.

THUMBS DOWN: One of the most abhorrent crimes against children imaginable, sexual abuse, was revealed by the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend. The alleged perpetrators were 17 priests, and one diaconate.

Some of the criminal assaults were reportedly perpetrated by priests serving in Goshen, Bristol, Elkhart and Ligonier. Yet, there were never any prosecutions of the accused men. How could that be?

The diocese’s release of a list of priests and the diaconate who a committee determined had “credible accusations” against them is a tiny first step toward justice for the victims. We believe much more revelation needs to occur.

THUMBS UP: The Rex and Alice A. Martin Foundation made the lives of people battling serious illnesses a little better Monday.

The foundation donated $2 million to Goshen Health to create a modern infusion center that provides a better atmosphere and services for patients and their families. That infusion center opened this week.

Alice Martin passed away from cancer last year. One of her and Rex’s many lasting charitable gifts to local communities will be that people in distress and their families will find greater comfort while undergoing treatments in Goshen.

THUMBS DOWN: Gov. Eric Holcomb, who says Indiana is business friendly, just sent the opposite message when he worked around the General Assembly to make a deal with the highway’s leasing company to boost Indiana Toll Road fees for heavy trucks by 35 percent.

The governor didn’t seem to consult anyone up here in the toll road corridor how that unbelievably high percentage increase will impact our manufacturers and businesses in general.

THUMBS UP: Thor Industries is now the world’s largest recreational vehicle company after purchasing the Hymer Group based in Germany. Thor also announced this week it had a record year, with sales reaching $8.33 billion, even though there was a fourth-quarter downturn in shipments to dealers because of excess inventory.

Still, the company has had an incredible run due to the leadership of CEO Bob Martin and the thousands of local employees working hard each day to produce RVs.

Good job, Thor team!

THUMBS UP: Reading remains an avid pastime among youngsters in the Shipshewana area. That’s encouraging.

This past summer 95 Meadowview Elementary School students honed their reading skills by consuming the words in books for at least 600 minutes. But many of the students used that minimum as a starting point and jumped their minutes of reading into the thousands.

Fourth-grader Carver Stump outdistanced everyone by reading for 28,878 minutes.

Congratulations to Carver and all the other students who took time to learn more through reading.

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