I am writing this to give you an explanation of when we lose soldiers in harm’s way, why they always place a flag over the coffin. This may open up to many why we fly our flag as it is the symbol of the United States.

The tribute to soldiers at the county courthouse means much more to me than the statue of Neptune that sits atop a beautiful fountain, unable to flow as this statue stands for self and the fountain stands for the Holy Spirit.

My husband is a veteran of the Vietnam War. He was drafted and served his country as a medic. I know he saw days upon days of men who gave their lives that many of us in this area have not had to witness, as we were given the freedom and we still are given the freedom to stay in our safe haven.

Recently I witnessed an accident involving a family. The mother received a head wound and shared with them they needn’t fear, as Jesus was watching over her, which helped me realize what my husband went through daily in the war, without one complaint.

He continues to serve his country as a soldier of prayer, thanking and praising the Lord for those strong soldiers in other countries as well as our own.

This country means a lot to both of us, as we understand why prayer is essential in our lives and how essential Jesus Christ’s love and relating to others about his great love whether in word or deeds.

When we walk in faith, rather than fear, we will not need big hospitals, big jails and large health care centers.

I personally want to thank my husband, along with all the other servicemen and women who have and are serving in our armed forces, whether physically or spiritually during wartime and peace.

I thank and praise the Lord for our freedom that he has afforded us, that gives us the hope and peace that passes all understanding. Our prayer is that “Jesus is Lord” of your life.

May “In God We Trust” once again be the banner of our nation.

Serita Miner

2035 Nathan Lane


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