Thursday’s (Oct. 23) Goshen News describes reports from two consultant firms. A page one article describes a report from DLZ Corp. concerning INDOT’s alternative routes for U.S. 33 through Goshen, but INDOT omits the best alternative. A page two article describes a city plan for a south truck bypass to connect C.R. 17 on the west with U.S. 33 on the southeast.

I have long felt that these two projects should be a single INDOT project. Rather than have INDOT expand the current U.S. 33 route through the center of our historic district and past our schools, INDOT needs to first provide a truck route so that the thousands of through trucks, modular houses, etc. can be prohibited from passing through the center of Goshen.

On Oct. 15, another large truck overturned on the curve on Third Street near St. John’s elementary school. Third Street is a truck route built with the same design as the truck route proposed by INDOT for the curve past Goshen High School. Third Street is similar to the road proposed to pass Chandler Elementary School. This is life-threatening.

Diesel fumes create toxic health hazards and trucks disturb the peace with engine noise and engine brakes. Historic residential areas and school zones should have more traffic calming, not more traffic lanes that encourage reckless driving of 18-wheelers.

We have hazardous truck wrecks on the new improved Third Street curve near St. John’s school. I do not recall any overturned trucks on the narrower two-lane Madison Street curve at Goshen High School. We drive more cautiously when it feels less like a speedway.

Why does INDOT’s favored alternative do nothing about the congestion caused by trains stopping traffic for many blocks on Madison? Do they know that long traffic lines continue through the city even after the train passes?

Does INDOT’s favored recommendation solve our truck problem? No. Does it solve our train problem? No. Does it solve our congestion problem? No. Is INDOT’s solution actually a problem? Yes.

Would it be a better solution for INDOT to begin with a south bypass as a truck route? What if through trucks could no longer go through the city center? Could we finally plan for a safer and quieter traffic-calming solutions and a pedestrian-friendly environment in our downtown business district and in the historic neighborhoods of Goshen?

Thursday’s (Oct. 23) Goshen News article on page two describes a south truck bypass to connect C.R. 17 on the west with U.S. 33 on the southeast. Trains do not stop traffic in this plan.

The article goes on to discuss city efforts to get INDOT involved. If the city builds the south bypass without the collaboration of INDOT, can Goshen prohibit the thousands of trucks from continuing to pass through the heart of Goshen?

More than 10 years ago INDOT brought the same Madison Street proposal. There was a huge public outcry. INDOT was flooded with objections. Many favored a south alternative route. The city administration noticed.

Goshen has worked hard to acquire land and employ consultants to plan a south truck route. However, INDOT thus far refuses to consider a southern route as an official truck route alternative to U.S. 33.

Please e-mail INDOT at (share a copy with our city officials) so that they realize how many of us prefer that they build Goshen’s truck bypass first.

— Marvin Bartel


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