Immigration policies are cruel

I protest the cruelty of current U.S. immigration policy.

Desperate people asking for help are being warehoused in crowded cage-like “detention centers” under squalid conditions. Calling them an invasion or an infestation does not change the fact that they are human and should be treated humanely. Our treatment of immigrant children is especially egregious. We take them from loving parents and confine them in filthy, crowded living conditions, without proper food or medical attention. Or, we detain parents in factories and abandon kids at school crying for help. The psychological damage done to these children is irreparable.

In Matthew Chapter 25, Jesus tells us that in caring for “the least of these,” we are “doing unto him.” He expects us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger and care for the sick and those in prison. Yes, we need a comprehensive immigration policy, but we are a Christian nation. We are all God’s children. He told his disciples to reach out to all nations. There is nothing in my Bible that says any class or color of people are beneath me and should be treated with cruelty and meanness.

Lawmakers need to bring together advisers from Hispanic, African-American, rural, urban, business and religious communities to help them hammer out an immigration policy that is consistent, and treats all people with dignity and respect.

We citizens must demand that our government provide the resources to treat families humanely while waiting for hearings or to be sent back to their countries of origin. We must insist that families be kept together. It will be difficult, but we should expect our elected leaders to do the right things for the good of humanity.

– Nancy K. Stover, Nappanee

A song for our time

Jackson Browne, a folk singer from the 1970s and 1980s, produced an album called “Lives in the Balance.” This album was concerned about presidential misrepresentation of the truth. One song on the album, “For America,” struck me as an anthem for our time in the Trump era. Here are some quotes from the song:

“I have prayed for America, I was made for America, it’s in my blood and in my bone, by the dawn’s early light by all I know is right, we are going to reap what we have sown.”

The song continues, “You hear people say all the time, my country wrong or right, I want to know what that’s got to do with finding out what’s true, with every one from the president on down, trying to keep it from you. I have prayed for America, I was made for America, her shining dream plays in my mind, by the rockets red glare, a generation’s blank stare. We better wake her up this time.”

The song continues, “I can’t let go ’till she comes round until the land of the free is awake and can see, and until her conscience has been found.”

This is my response to racist statements and actions, cruelty to immigrants, refusal of sane gun laws and many other topics, spearheaded by the president.

– Bruce Bishop, Goshen

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