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When we work together, we can solve global warming

I share the happiness that the Rev. Showers (Letters to the Editor, Oct. 10) expressed at the healing of the ozone layer. NASA scientists believe the layer is recovering, and may return to normal by 2060. But Showers is mistaken that “the layer healed itself.”

Scientists Mario Molina and Sherwood Rowland first warned of the danger to the ozone layer in 1974. Scientist Susan Solomon lead an expedition to Antarctica to measure the “ozone hole” and figured out how it formed. Their work together with political activism in the United States led to the negotiation of a treaty to ban ozone-destroying chemicals and won the support of President Ronald Reagan.

President Reagan recommended ratifying the treaty to the United States Senate in 1987 with these words:

“The Montreal Protocol provides for internationally coordinated control of ozone-depleting substances in order to protect public health and the environment from potential adverse effects of depletion of stratospheric ozone …

“In this historic agreement, the international community undertakes cooperative measures to protect a vital global resource. The United States played a leading role in the negotiation of the Protocol. United States ratification is necessary for entry into force and effective implementation of the Protocol.” (EPA press release, Dec. 21, 1987)

Eventually, 197 countries — every last member of the United Nations — followed that lead and signed the treaty. I thank the Lord for U.S. leadership in addressing a serious environmental issue. We need that now more than ever.

When we work together, we can solve global environmental problems. We can and need to do it again with global warming.

Paul Meyer Reimer, Goshen

Elliott provides compassionate service to community

A county coroner here in the State of Indiana is in charge of death investigations. They are tasked with providing answers and closure to both the family and the public at large. Coroners work hand in hand with other local and regional officials. The elected position of coroner is an office that requires experience, education and a passion to serve to fulfill its duty. Fortunately, we have such a candidate here in Elkhart County.

It is not an exaggeration to say that James Elliott is the only candidate for Elkhart County Coroner who has the crucial training and experience needed to serve in this important office. During his time as our coroner, he has worked to improve the office’s efficiency and modernity, all while providing compassionate service to our community. I ask that you join with me in voting to re-elect James Elliott as our Elkhart County Coroner.

Benjamin Rogers, Goshen

Leaders urged to continue wearing masks

COVID-19 numbers have been rising alarmingly in Indiana since September. In Elkhart County, our hospital administrators have said they are near capacity. We know this disease disproportionately affects the elderly, working class and people of color.

In May, when Gov. Holcomb announced the Back on Track reopening plan, he said we would need to return to an earlier phase if we weren’t seeing a decrease in hospitalized patients. Why haven’t we returned to an earlier phase?

As we move into winter when outdoor activities are not as easy, I urge our state and local leaders to continue requiring masks, and to move us back to an earlier stage.

No one wants to do this. I want to eat in a restaurant, sing in a choir, go to a movie theater and travel. But I don’t want to contribute to the spread of this disease that has taken too many lives. We’ll only get through this if we work together.

Eric Kurtz, Goshen

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