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Responsible bidders ordinance will reduce bidding by contractors

As a local business, we are very concerned about the recent proposal of an RBO brought forth by the Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting.

On July 21, it was announced that the Elkhart City Council is considering the implementations of a “Responsible Bidders” ordinance, or “RBO.” By law, the city must accept the lowest responsive and responsible bidder for public projects. The responsible bidders ordinance requires that contractors meet several criteria, such as “descriptions of staffing capabilities” and other problematic requirements, making it difficult to compete for projects. The ordinance would also propose that “all apprentices to be used on the project are registered with the United States Department of Labor.”

Chuck Goodrich, president and CEO of Gaylor Electric stated, “Imposing these stricter requirements on local contractors and subcontractors will have a negative impact on the evaluations and bidding process by reducing the number of bidders to do a job. Ultimately, this will increase the cities cost of doing business and their taxpayers.”

The negative impacts the RBO could impose include unnecessary work for the city, contractors and subcontractors, and would also effectively exclude small local contractors from being awarded public contracts due to the strict requirements which add no greater value to the projects.

This is a solution that has been provided by the Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Fair Contracting organization (III FFC), which is funded by the unions. The purpose of the RBOs is to restrict competition on public projects to the benefit of union companies who will, in turn, not provide competitive pricing for projects.

As a member of Associated Builders and Contractors for Indiana and Kentucky and a local business, we believe in the fair bidding and contracting process. The Merit Shop philosophy encourages open competition and a free enterprise approach that awards contracts based solely on merit, regardless of labor affiliation.

Matt Pearson, operations manager, Gaylor Electric Inc., Elkhart

President Trump only concerned about his reelection

The diagnostic handbook for the mental health community is called the DSM, short for “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.” In this book is a pathology called, Antisocial Personality Disorder, ASPD for short. According to the DSM, this is the definition of ASPD: a person with this disorder tends to lie, break laws, act impulsively, lack respect for one’s own safety or the safety of others, included is deceitfulness, aggression, anger, boredom or general discontent. The Mayo Clinic includes, no regards for right or wrong, ignores the rights and feelings of others, threatening others with callous indifference. If you don’t recognize these traits in Donald Trump you haven’t been paying attention.

Narcissism is described by the Mayo Clinic as a mental condition in which a person has an inflated sense of their own importance, a need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships and lack of empathy. Ditto.

To camouflage the lack of leadership resulting in 4 million cases of virus, 144,000 deaths and a new nationwide upsurge, Trump shifts focus to law and order. Trump sends federal agents into American cities, against the wishes of local governments, illegally inflaming tensions. Trump objects to the takedown of Confederate statues and the flag and BLM. Also, Trump ramps up frictions with China, risking hostilities, to appeal to his base and divert. Not to mention attacks on Obamacare.

In my opinion, Trump’s concern is for the election, and that’s all, hence his opposition to mail-in ballots and possible refusal to step down from power if he loses. Period.

P.S. Evictions for millions haunt the country depending on Republican stance on extra unemployment benefits.

Bruce Bishop, Goshen

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