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What legacy did Jackie Walorski leave?

I’m concerned about Rudy Yakym becoming the next representative for the 2nd District of Goshen. There was an article written in the South Bend Tribune on Aug. 21 titled, “Rudy Yakym candidate endorsed by Jackie Walorski’s husband, picked in Indiana GOP Caucus.”

Dean Swihart, widower of Jackie Walorski, introduced Yakym as, “pro-Trump, pro-life and a Christian family man,” “capable of continuing Jackie Walorski’s legacy.”

Another quote from that article is, “Many candidates pledged to push back against the “woke ideology” they say has “swept the country.” My guess is that not one of those candidates or former representatives could explain what “woke ideology” means.

Fighting against the CRT, Critical Race Theory is mentioned too by Marlin Stutzman, former 3rd District Congressman.

Those of us that understand what a dog whistle is in the political arena, know that when the Indiana GOP uses the word “woke” and the letters “CRT,” it is a wink and a nod for the pro-Trump, conspiracy believing and anti-people of color folks among the republicans in Indiana’s 2nd District. Also comforting people by letting them know Rudy Yakym will continue to fight for oppression of their constituents in the 2nd District.

Jackie Walorski’s legacy is her voting record, she voted NO to the following:

HR8294-Transportation, Housing and Urban Development

HR8297-Ensuring Women’s Right to Reproductive Freedom Act

HR6538-Active shooter alert Act

HR4176-LGBTQIt Data Inclusion Act

HR2543-Federal Reserve Racial and Economic Equity Act

HR2773-Recovering Americas Wildlife Act

HR2377-Protection orders to those that are extreme risk regarding firearms

HR7910-Protecting Our Kids Act

HR7688-Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act

HR1808- Assault rifle bands

HR6929-Pention Protection Act

HR8373-Right to Contraception Act

HR8404-Respect for Marriage Act

— Susan Lanning, Goshen

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