NASHVILLE, Ind. — Through all the Mexico Joe and China Mike antics, the food fights, splittin’ firewood, through the blur of tens of millions of dollars worth of TV ads, the Indiana U.S. Senate race is in its final days.

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Last fall I joined my family in an outing to the IU-Purdue football game. It was great fun. This year we intend to gather again in Bloomington to watch the rematch.

This week was filled with important news for local residents. Here is what we think about some of the events that occurred.

Whoever holds the office of president of the United States wields enormous power, not only in serving as commander in chief of the world's most powerful military, but also as head of dozens of domestic agencies that influence the daily lives of every American. When George Washington took the…

A decade ago Indiana was a battleground for control of Congress. Between 2004 and 2010, there were six U.S. House seats that flipped. We weren't "flyover country" when it came to Capitol Hill. Indiana was often ground zero.

A small but significant line was crossed recently when the Washington Post's fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, called President Trump a liar for the first time.

Just a little more than four years ago, I moved back to this area for an education reporting position at The Goshen News, a paper I’d grown up reading.

President Trump fired off an angry Twitter broadside against Google before the sun rose Tuesday, accusing the search company of skewing its results in favor of "fake news" outlets at the expense of conservative ones. Relying on reporting from the right-of-center PJ Media site, Trump asserted…

Senate Republicans and Democrats are at daggers drawn over confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Instead, they should unsheathe some questions designed to illuminate the excitement of constitutional reasoning.

Until recently, the predominant attitude of most of the American public about the problems of "predator priests" seemed to be that it was tragic, but limited in scope. A few bad priests in the river of faith, but hardly a tsunami!

A couple of years ago Washington fell into anaphylactic shock over the high cost of EpiPens, devices that shoot adrenaline into someone having an allergic reaction. But the Trump Administration this week injected some overdue competition into the market that could lower prices for millions o…

When Attorney General Curtis Hill left the Indiana Republican Convention in Evansville last June, social conservatives were whispering in his ear about a potential 2020 primary challenge to Gov. Eric Holcomb after he helped to bat down a marriage platform plank change.

The annual Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Work Project is primed to make the final push toward the completion of a Habitat for Humanity project that has been taking shape in Mishawaka since last fall.

On the day his former campaign chairman and former attorney moved closer to prison, President Donald J. Trump appeared at a rally in West Virginia where the crowd chanted "drain the swamp" and "lock her up."

Two words explain the extraordinary significance of the upcoming fall election. The first is "subpoenas." The second is "women."

THUMBS UP to the board members at Hubbard Hill Retirement Community who earmarked $14 million to be used for a three-phase expansion, including a memory care center that will serve people who have dementia.

"I cannot let my selfishness stand in the way of your whole well-being."

Law enforcement in our state is tasked with keeping Hoosiers as safe as possible. So, it made sense a move last year about this time to strip the state's handgun permit laws elicited a strong rebuke from officers.

Government transparency was a hallmark of Tera Klutz's tenure as Allen County auditor. Now, as state auditor, she's spreading more light with improvements to the Indiana Transparency Portal, the online resource for information on state government.

Employers tell us there aren’t enough workers in Indiana to fill all the jobs firms have open. How do they know this? Presumably this complaint is based on experience. Advertising, in one way or another, is not getting the jobs filled.

Every four years, political professionals assess the landscape and gird for the final push toward the midterm congressional elections. With Donald Trump in the White House and with small Republican margins of control in both chambers of Congress, and with Democrats lusting for revenge, these…

The newspaper you hold in your hand, or the journalists you read on the website you view, are American treasures. At this writing, we find ourselves with two institutions, the U.S. presidency and the Fourth Estate press, with clenched hands gripping each other's necks.

Earlier this month, President Trump's administration doubled down on his earlier proposal to create a Space Force as a new branch of the United States military. The suggestion, as before, was met with much eye-rolling and plenty of snarky remarks from the president's critics.

The stench of hypocrisy wafting out of this White House is particularly odious these days. The president continues to denounce what he calls "chain migration" — the ability of legal immigrants to bring family members into this country — while his wife's parents have benefited from precisely …

If in the coming days you see some parents of college-age students walking hunched over, holding their backs, please show some compassion. There’s a good chance their soreness stems from moving their kids into a dorm or apartment.

Have you seen the Nature Valley (the granola bar people) ad out of Canada? It has been making the social-media rounds lately, because it seems to capture something that is well within our power to fix. It portrays different generations of families talking about their childhoods. Scripted or …

For years, brick-and-mortar stores have been going out of business, due in part to the national shift toward e-commerce. In addition to paying for a building and staff, these businesses are also required to collect state taxes, while many of their online competitors do not.

No sooner had I ordered the 2011 book "Less Than Human" for a late-summer read than President Trump called Omarosa Manigault Newman a "dog" and a "lowlife." Those two slurs fit nicely into author David Livingstone Smith's philosophical study of man's capacity to inflict cruelty by first dehu…

Decades ago, the United States and Iran were allies. We had extensive investments in Iranian oil and other resources. We gave Iran financial support and access to our military equipment and training. We supported Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who ruled the country as a dictator.

Anyone who pays the slightest attention to the daily passage of events in the news was aware that white-supremacist alt-right groups were planning a rally in Washington, D.C., this past weekend. The anticipatory media coverage of the event didn't quite reach Super-Bowl hype levels, but it wa…

Making sense of Mike Pence. That was the task I faced over the past year in writing "Pence – The Path to Power," the first comprehensive biography of the Hoosier vice president.

Out of respect for some families, not talking about child abuse or neglect might seem like the right thing to do. Unfortunately, it clearly is not the right thing to do if a child is endangered. Neighbors, teachers, relatives and passers-by all have a stake in raising a child in a safe environment.

It sounds like a joke, but it can’t be. If it were, Vice President Mike Pence would not have been the guy presenting it. He’s just not funny, at least not on purpose.

This is the way it starts. A few optimists get together. One says “Wouldn’t it be great to commemorate [insert idea] right here in [our town]?

Hoosier voters face a great choice in the U.S. Senate race between Democratic incumbent Joe Donnelly and Republican Mike Braun. The two coursed through the City of Firsts this past week, Braun speaking to Rotarians at a country club while Sen. Donnelly worked a UAW hall.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey rankled some feathers this week with an announcement that his company had decided not to suspend conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

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