Wawasee’s Iron Pride Robotics team members Evan Brower, Evan Rassi, Wesley Hays, Nathan Smith, Taylor Fiedeke and Noah Beckner talk strategy before a match during the elimination rounds Feb. 8 in Plymouth.

PLYMOUTH — Wawasee’s Iron Pride Robotics Team took the tourney championships and skills championship Feb. 8, increasing the season trophy count to 16, in Plymouth.

“With two more chances to qualify for state, teams are working and putting in long hours,” Wawasee’s head coach Jed Wandland said. “574C and 574D are qualified and we expect several more of our teams to qualify though skills scores.”

It is predicted that high school teams with a skills score of 14 or better will go to the state championships. It is expected that 574H, the Wawasee Middle School team, will go to state.

Teams 574D and 574C conquered in the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds at Plymouth recently, crushing the field in the final round and winning the tournament in the final match with a score of 76-12.

Team 574D also threw down a team best combined skills score of 132, bringing home the Robot Skills trophy and elevating their World Skills Rank to 25th place out of 25,000 teams around the globe.

Team 574G (1-4-1, rank 46) and 574H (2-3-1, rank 36) competed well in the qualification rounds.

Iron Pride teams made it through the qualifying rounds and into the elimination bracket, with Team 574D (6-0-0, rank 1) choosing 574C (5-1-0, rank 4) for the first seed alliance, 574F (4-2-0, rank 14), chose 574A (2-3-1, rank 34) for the ninth seed alliance and 574B (2-4-0, rank 40) was chosen by a John Glenn team for the 10th seed alliance.

Teams 574F, 574A and 574B fought valiantly in the round of 16 but did not advance.

Tourney Results

Team 574D Immortal (Noah Beckner, Jack Collins, Wesley Hays, Nathan Smith) — 1st (6-0-0), 1st (132 pts) Robot Skills

Team 574C Centurion (Evan Rassi, Taylor Fiedeke, Evan Brower) — 4th (5-1-0), 2nd (90 pts) Robot Skills

Team 574F Barbarian (Jackson Coverstone) — 14th (4-2-0), 10th (12) Robot Skills

Team 574A Amazon (Andrea Mickley and Sydni Ewing) — 34th (2-3-1), 21st (2) Robot Skills

Team 574H Samurai (middle school, Charlie Krull, Michael Wippel, Alan Warren) — 36th (2-3-1), 12th (9) Robot Skills

Team 574B Berserker (Vanessa Wright and Bailey Smith) — 40th (2-4-0)

Team 574G Iron Knight (Harry Doss) — 46th (1-4-1), 27th (1) Robot Skills

Team 574D — best combined skills score 132, 3rd in state

Team 574F chose 574A for ninth seed in finals

Team 574D chose 574C for first seed

Team 31005A — John Glenn Robotics chose 574B for 10th seed

Team 574H — Set 7th in state skills score

The next tournament is today at Crown Point High School Field House.

For more information or to make donations for the trip to Virginia, visit ironpriderobotics.org, facebook.com/wawaseerobotics on Facebook, @ironpriderobots on Twitter, @ironpriderobotics on Instagram or the high school online at wawasee.k12.in.us.

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