Elkhart County Health Department COVID-19 vaccinations

Elkhart County Health Department registered nurse Margaret Stuckey, left, injects Kenneth Eakins, of Osceola, with the COVID-19 vaccine Jan. 11 at the Lincoln Center, located at 608 Oakland Ave. in Elkhart.

Inclement weather across the United States has impacted the delivery of vaccines to states. Local health officers have their fingers crossed vaccines will arrive in the nick of time.

Elkhart County Health Officer Dr. Bethany Wait said, “We found out we didn’t get our shipment this week.”

She believed it was all weather-related delays on the federal government side. “It had nothing to do with the state of Indiana,” Wait said. “So everybody’s shipments were delayed.”

Because of that, everybody is short of vaccines and the state doesn’t let agencies stockpile them.

“Vista was kind and lent us 250 vaccinations,” Wait said. The health department had enough vaccines to go through Friday morning. Vista’s loan plus some vaccines that arrived Friday covers shots through Tuesday.

“I hope that shipment will come in next week,” Wait said.

If for some reason it does not, health officials will let people know. “But we don’t have to at this point,” she said, adding she is confident they will get the rest of the shipments in.

“We greatly thank them. That allowed a lot of people to still get their vaccine and us not to have to reschedule anybody.”

Vista’s Guardian of Vision Dr. James Gingerich they were happy to loan the Moderna vaccines to the health department. “They’ll get it back to us when they can,” he said.

Vista is also waiting on its shipment.

Kosciusko and Noble counties were also anticipating shipments.

Kosciusko County Health Department Administrator Robert Weaver said the commissioners closed county government offices Tuesday due to the weather. Everyone who was scheduled to get a vaccine was rescheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

“That went very well,” Weaver said. “Those people have all been vaccinated now.”

The health department has enough vaccines to go through Monday.

“We can cover all of those appointments,” he said. “After that we will need a bit more vaccines.”

If the shipment does not arrive, they will let those scheduled for vaccines know.

Noble County Health Officer Dr. Terry Gaff said, “We had a delay just like practically everyone did.”

But, the state has been good about keeping on top of it all and making sure the county has adequate vaccine supplies to continue on its current schedule, he said.

Gaff was expecting a shipment of vaccines Friday.

“If that shows up, we should have uninterrupted vaccine function,” he said.

The department has enough vaccines to continue through part of today.

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