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Did you know doctors can prescribe a medication to treat a condition that the medication is not approved to treat? This legal and common practice is known as off-label prescribing. Taking an off-label drug in many cases can be beneficial but is not without risks. Find out if your prescriptio…

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INDIANAPOLIS — About 250 Indiana National Guard soldiers are expected to remain in Washington for about two more months after being sent there to help with security for President Joe Biden’s inauguration, officials said Tuesday.

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SAN DIEGO (AP) — During the Trump administration’s final weeks, the Department of Homeland Security quietly signed agreements with at least four states that threaten to temporarily derail President Joe Biden’s efforts to undo his predecessor’s immigration policies.

Shutdowns, layoffs and salary cuts brought on by the coronavirus pandemic have left millions of Americans searching for new sources of income. Those who’ve recently turned to gig work may be weeks away from a financial surprise in the form of unexpected tax bills and insurance coverage fine print.

GOSHEN — A small section of North Main Street located just west of the Indiana Paint & Collision parking lot on the city’s north side will be closed to traffic for a day beginning either Wednesday or Thursday for a sewer improvement project.

NEW YORK — Illustrator Michaela Goade became the first Native American to win the prestigious Randolph Caldecott Medal for best children’s picture story, cited for “We Are Water Protectors,” a celebration of nature and condemnation of the “black snake” Dakota Access Pipeline.

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The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory from 7 p.m. today to 1 p.m. Tuesday.

NEW YORK — For the first time since 1983, when Anheuser-Busch used all of its ad time to introduce a beer called Bud Light, the beer giant isn't advertising its iconic Budweiser brand during the Super Bowl. Instead, it’s donating the money it would have spent on the ad to coronavirus vaccina…

Families battered by the pandemic recession soon may discover that the tax refunds they’re counting on are dramatically smaller — or that they actually owe income tax. Congress offered a partial solution, but the fix hasn’t been widely publicized, consumer advocates say.

DR. WALLACE: I'm 17, and the guy I had been dating for the past six months had been pressuring me to take our relationship into the physically intimate realm for several weeks. Finally, he wore me down and I "went all the way" with him one evening. I guess I also wanted to experience it — se…

DEAR ABBY: My son had a yearlong affair with his wife’s best friend, which started when the two families took vacations together. My husband and I have always been close to our daughter-in-law and our grandchildren, ages 6 and 10, as well as our son. The divorces are final now, and the lover…

NAPPANEE — Stories about the Civil War have lingered throughout the 160 years since it began and have been told and retold for generations. However, one local organization prefers to bring those stories to life.

I open my eyes to soft darkness. The down comforter keeps me warm and cozy and protects me from the outside world. I throw it off, stretch out, slowly wake and let my eyes roam the space.

GOSHEN — Lighthouse Autism Center, an autism therapy provider that offers one-on-one Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for children with autism, opened a new facility in Goshen on Jan. 11.

Orland is best known as the first settlement in Steuben County. In 1831, the Staynors and Gideon Langdon followed the Vistula Trail (now Ind. 120) west and settled in the area. Soon, the area became known as the Vermont Settlement because of the settler’s origins. Led by Captain Samuel Barry…

My youngest daughter is getting married today (written Jan. 16). Yes, I’m a little old and she’s no 20-something herself anymore. But we are overjoyed that she and her mate have found each other and are preparing to spend the rest of their lives together. This gives us joy and satisfaction t…

Advancing internet speeds and availability provide a wide array of options that businesses can use to connect with potential clients. From email, SEO, and social media, to paid ads and websites, business owners have a variety. However, have you considered reaching your customers through one …

Christian Robison's interest in the military, flag code and all things patriotic was inspired by his friendship with 97-year-old World War II Marine Corp. veteran Carl Scott of Elwood.


GOSHEN — Two attorneys who specialize in immigration cases are encouraged by, though cautiously optimistic for, President Joe Biden’s proposal to set an eight-year path to citizenship for undocumented people.


DUNLAP — Jeffrey A. Marvin shot his two teenage daughters before he committed suicide at a house near Dunlap in December, according to a report following an investigation by the Elkhart County Homicide Unit.

DR. WALLACE: I'm a college student, and once in a while, my friends and I have a few drinks. I don't want to reveal my age to you. Let's just say that I'm over 18 and not quite 21. I will admit that sometimes I get drunk. Not always, but there are some occasions I drink a bit too much.

DEAR ABBY: I’m responding to the letter from “Open-and-Shut Case in Virginia” (Oct. 20), who complained her son-in-law was “disrespectful” because he didn’t close cupboard doors, cereal boxes, etc. My guess is that “Kirk” is displaying classic symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (AA…

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