Milford Town Marshal Derek Kreider holds a copy of his first published novel, “A Fairy’s Tale,” which is the first in a planned trilogy.

MILFORD — For Town Marshal Derek Kreider, life outside his career in law enforcement has been a fairy tale.

Kreider recently published a fantasy novel titled “A Fairy’s Tale,” the first in a planned trilogy.

The author said he began writing short stories after high school.

“I did it as therapy,” Kreider said. “I’d watch a TV show and then write a different spin on it.”

One of the first stories he shared was when he worked at the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department from 2001-2002. He said there was always some type of competition among the shifts so he wrote a story about it and passed it around to the guys in the department.

He said he got the idea for his latest book while working as the school resource officer in February 2018. He said he was talking to some third graders and they got into a discussion about fairies and their existence and how they flew around. He said he thought he’d write a story for fun and give it to the class, but as he started writing it became a story for young adults to adults.

He signed up for a creative writing master class online where he said he discovered he was doing some things wrong. For example, he had too many characters and he was advised to write the ending first so he knew where he was going. He planned a trilogy because “it was too much story for one book.” So, he wrote the ending for the third book first and then wrote the ending for the first book, which meant a rewrite so the story would fit the ending.

He explained the book’s theme as “a redemptive story — a story of friendship and growing together.”

Kreider didn’t feel up to taking on the task of self publishing so, on a friend’s suggestion, he contacted a local publisher in Warsaw called Tall Pines Books. He also found an editor who was helpful, and he found an artist to do the cover art. Once all the final revisions were made, the publisher took care of the copywrite, ISBN number, and posting it on Amazon.

“It was quite the learning experience,” Kreider said. “Now I know what to do to make my editor’s job easier next time,” he said and added, “I had a great time creating the character.”

Kreider wrote the book in first person, even though he was advised against it. He put himself in the book as the main character, saying it was easier for him to write it that way. But by doing so he’s had to stress, “I don’t have a fairy at my house.”

The book is “not a typical Tinkerbelle fairy — I researched a lot of ancient fairy lore to make it more of a realistic story,” Kreider said, adding his research showed that fairies aren’t always as nice as they’re portrayed. To add to the authenticity, he used some names from the ancient Sumerian language as it is one of the most ancient languages.

The book has only been out about three months and Kreider said he’s received positive feedback. The 10 reviews he has received are all five-star reviews. He said he’s purchased some copies for book signings and to give to friends and family members who are mentioned in the book. He asks everyone to share their favorite part of the book and he said he’s never gotten the same answer twice.

In book two and three, Kreider said, “The cat is out of the bag and she’s exposed to more humans.”

He said in order to get the second book written, he’s going to go take a vacation for a weekend and spend it writing.

“I’m hoping to be ready for the release by the end of the year — for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I’m not sure,” he said. “Everyone thinks it weird, me being a cop and writing a book about a fairy. They figured I’d do a crime drama or something. There may be a collection of cop stories in the future.”

This trilogy however “is a nice escape” for Kreider.

“I just hope people enjoy the story and it helps put a smile on their face,” he said.

“A Fairy’s Tale” by D.A. Kreider can be found online on

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