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If you’ve been in marketing for a while, you’ve likely heard about or are currently using Gravity Forms. However, if this is your first time hearing about them, you should strongly consider the uses of Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms is an advanced WordPress plugin designed to allow digital marketers to create flexible forms for lead capture. Forms are available in three options — Basic, Pro and Elite. All three are easy to configure and customize for your campaign and offer a wide range of features.


Millions of marketers already use Gravity forms for various marketing campaigns. The following are five ways you can use the forms specifically to grow your email list.

NEWSLETTER SIGNUP: One of the most straightforward and basic ways to generate email leads is through an email newsletter campaign. The majority of people who visit your website for the first time are rarely ready to make a purchase. However, nearly all of them are open to hearing more from your brand/business. This is where a Gravity Forms newsletter popup is perfect.

Gravity Forms provide professional newsletter signup templates that you can easily customize to capture visitor contacts for follow-up. The newsletter form templates are available in the Form Template Library.

ADVANCED CONTACT FORMS: In addition to standard contact fields, like name and email address, Gravity Forms offers marketers other pre-built fields. They also offer multiple features that you can use to request additional visitor information. One of the best features for collecting valuable contact information is conditional logic.

Conditional logic allows you to set parameters so that specified information fields are only displayed when specific requirements are met. For instance, a “confirm email” field can be set to appear only after the visitor enters their email information. This helps to keep the form short, while staying compliant with data protection laws.

OPTIMIZE TARGETING: One of the reasons consumers could be hesitant about subscribing to email lists and the main reason people unsubscribe from lists is irrelevant emails. No one wants to receive emails on topics that don’t interest them. It’s simply a waste of time. Even if they don’t opt out, they’ll rarely open, let alone read your emails.

Gravity Forms solve this problem by allowing you to find out topics that interest your subscribers the most. For instance, you can ask subscribers to check off exciting topics from a list and then only send them emails on the selected topics.

ADD COUPONS: Gravity Forms offers pre-built order forms that capture product name, product quantity, shipping information, and pricing information. This allows you to quickly generate order forms for any product with the click of a button.

Now, you can take this to the next level by including discount coupons on your order forms. While this primarily promotes buying, it may also be what convinces a site visitor to hand over their contact information.

USE SURVEY FORMS: Email marketing isn’t just creating email forms and waiting for visitors to sign up. It also involves regularly reaching out to your leads and subscribers to find out what they do and don’t like. Extra feedback allows you to improve your marketing activities for increased ROI.

An easy way to solicit feedback from your customers and visitors is through Gravity Forms’ survey forms. Available through the Survey Add-On feature, survey forms allow you to ask your audience pertinent questions about your brand. This feature also provides simple ways to collate and present the results.


If you’re not using Gravity Forms for lead capture, you’re missing out. Make the switch today and watch your email marketing campaign take off. Increase your return on investment by building a strong email list and running regular email campaigns.

Mike Gingerich is president of Digital Hill Multimedia (www.DigitalHill.com), a web design and marketing agency. He is also a co-founder of TabSite.com, a leader in Facebook page apps for businesses. Listen to his social media and web podcast, Halftime Mike, available on iTunes.

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