GOSHEN — Two people were injured in a crash where a tractor-trailer barreled through a busy intersection and overturned along a retention pond in Goshen. Witnesses helped pull the driver from the wreckage.

The driver apparently lost control of the truck on Waterford Mills Parkway and struck an SUV before careening down the road. The vehicle then crossed the intersection at Ind. 15, drove into a field and flipped onto its side along the edge of a retention pond around 4:20 p.m. Monday.

The tractor-trailer driver and the SUV driver were taken to a local hospital both to receive treatment for unknown injuries, Goshen police said.

Jason Miller, whose house is next to the pond, was in his back yard when he heard a loud bang. He said he saw the tractor-trailer rush down the Waterford Mills overpass where the SUV was struck, and it apparently criss-crossed the median as it approached the intersection.

“From that point, he was just full-speed ahead down the overpass,” Miller said.

He noted the light was green for Waterford Mills traffic as the tractor-trailer crossed into the field, calling it lucky no oncoming vehicles on Ind. 15 were struck. The truck then jackknifed in the field, landing on the edge of the pond, Miller said. Tread marks in the ground show where the vehicle churned the field before crashing.

Miller and about five or six other witnesses — some with EMT and first responder training — ran to the truck to help the driver and pull him from the cab, he said. The rescuers, he said, included a first-responder-in-training and a nurse.

“We got him out and onto the gurney,” Miller said.

Tow crews also responded to the crash. They worked carefully to haul the tractor-trailer inches at a time out of the pond’s embankment.

Southbound traffic on Ind. 15 at Waterford Mills Parkway was restricted while police and firefighters were at the scene.

The names of the tractor-trailer and the SUV drivers had not been released as of Monday evening.

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