Shoe repair store front discovered under Goshen Theater

BEN MIKESELL | THE GOSHEN NEWSTravis Jenkins, with Crisenbery Plumbing & Electric, walks through the basement as construction continues Monday afternoon at the Goshen Theater. While tearing down walls last month, construction crews discovered a store front for a shoe repair shop in the basement of the theater, which would have been accessible from the Main Street sidewalk.

GOSHEN — As construction crews tore down walls in the basement of the Goshen Theater last month, they came across pristine window panes in a shoe repair store front that was once housed under the lobby.

Theater Director Amber Burgess said there have been other oddities found as crews continue to work on Goshen Theater renovations, including bottles in the floor and wooden arches in the walls that had since been closed off.

"Most of the stuff we're doing right now is not the flashy stuff," she said. "but it's laying the foundation for improvements and things people have been asking for."

Once completed, the Goshen Theater will have an elevator, accessible bathrooms and an expanded lobby. Burgess said everything is on schedule, and she is hoping to open the theater back up in March 2020.

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