Man struck twice after stumbling in busy road

GOSHEN — Despite efforts by a passerby to pull him out of traffic, a Wisconsin man was run-over by vehicles in the middle of Pike Street in Goshen Tuesday night.

Michael Griggs, 33, of Waukesha, Wisconsin, reportedly fell while he was on the road and was then struck by two oncoming vehicles where Pike intersects with Denver Street around 9:15 p.m. One of the vehicles fled the scene, while the driver of the other stopped, according to reports by Goshen police.

A witness told police he saw Griggs stumbling in Pike Street. The witness then stopped his vehicle on Denver Street, got out and tried to coax Griggs out of the road. But Griggs, who was described as very intoxicated, reacted by fighting the witness off. The man backed away, and Griggs then fell and was struck by the vehicles, the reports show.

The reports weren’t clear which vehicle struck Griggs first.

The driver of the vehicle who didn’t flee the scene, Carlos Huard De Leon of Guatemala, told police he saw a dark-colored object in the road but couldn’t stop in time to avoid striking what turned out to be Griggs. He spoke to police after pulling into a nearby gas station, the report shows.

Griggs was flown to Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne to receive medical treatment for head and internal injuries, police said. An update on his condition was not available.

A description of the other vehicle that fled the scene was not provided in the reports.

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