Goshen College opens up e-recycling to public

METRO SERVICES Electronic waste recycling will be available to the public at Goshen College Thursday and Friday.

GOSHEN — Goshen College continues its environmental mission by opening up e-waste recycling collection to the Goshen community Thursday and Friday.

Community members can bring their e-waste to the south side of the Union Building between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. There is a $20 drop-off fee for cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors or televisions.

Recyclable e-waste items include computers, printers, audio equipment, telephones, CDs, wires, cords, cameras, cell phones, batteries, metal scraps and more.

Goshen College has teamed up with Green Wave, based in Indianapolis, for e-waste recycling. This year, Green Wave is projected to recycle over 23 million pounds of electronic waste.

This is for electronic recycling only. Do not take paper or plastic or glass items to campus. They are not accepting old medications, paint or tires, but they can direct people to places that will.

Here is a complete list of recyclable items:

• A/C Adapters

• Aerosol Cans

• Air Conditioners

• Alpha Smarts

• Analyzers / Test Equipment

• Audio / Visual Equipment

• AV Carts

• Batteries (all kinds)

• Calculators

• Cameras

• Cell Phones

• Computers / Laptops

• Computer Components

• Copy Machines

• Cords

• CRT monitors (fee $20 – will accept cash or check, exact change preferred)

• CRT televisions (fee $20 – will accept cash or check, exact change preferred)

• DVD Players

• Fax Machines

• Ink / Toner (please bring in a plastic bag)

• Keyboards

• Laptop computers

• LCD monitors

• LCD televisions

• LED televisions

• Metal scraps (steel, copper, aluminum, etc.)

• Mice

• Microwaves

• Overhead projectors

• Printers / fax machines

• Scanners

• Security equipment

• Servers

• Software CDs

• Stereo dquipment

• Telephones

• Televisions (LED, LCD, projection, console and CRT)

• Toner / Ink

• Typewriters

• UPS / battery backups

• Video equipment

• Vacuum cleaners

• VHS players

• Wires / cables / cords

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