Fugitive arrested

Maques Shorter

ELKHART — The suspect in a fatal shooting in Mississippi is now in custody in Elkhart County.

Maques Shorter, 22, of Shelby, Mississippi, was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Service in Elkhart Tuesday and booked into the Elkhart County Jail where he’ll undergo extradition to face a first-degree murder charge in Mississippi.

Shorter is accused of shooting and killing a 20-year-old man in the parking lot of a convenience store in Shelby on Sept. 17. He then fled the state, allegedly with help, according to Shelby Police Chief Kenneth Hampton.

As part of the investigation, Hampton said he used Facebook to connect Shorter to family in Elkhart County.

“I tracked him down by using social media to Indiana,” Hampton said while en route from Shelby to Elkhart County.

Hampton shared his information with the U.S. Marshals’ Gulf Coast task force, and the agency sent the lead its counterpart task force in northern Indiana, said both Hampton and Pam Mozdzierz of the marshals service office in northern Indiana.

Meanwhile, Hampton said he had online conversations with Shorter and convinced him to surrender. Shorter was then taken into custody at a location along Jackson Boulevard Tuesday, according to Mozdzierz.

An extradition hearing in Shorter’s case is scheduled to be held in Elkhart County Superior Court 5 Thursday, court information shows.

Back in Mississippi, at least three people were arrested and charged with accessory after the fact, accused of helping Shorter flee the state, Hampton said on his Facebook page last week.

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