DUNLAP, Ind. — A two-year teacher contract calling for raises of 2 and 2.2 percent was approved Monday by Concord school board members.

According to Superintendent George Dyer, the Concord Teachers Association ratified the contract last week. School board members gave their unanimous approval to the contract during a special afternoon session.

The contract is for 2006-08, with a 2 percent pay increase the first year and a 2.2 percent pay increase the second year.

Also, the school corporation has agreed to share any insurance premium increases with teachers.

Dyer said there were other language changes, including equalizing the work day among teachers.

There was a 25-minute difference between elementary school teachers and secondary school teachers — seven hours, 20 minutes vs. seven hours, 45 minutes.

A flex day was created, which will be used as a block of time for meetings.

Also as a part of the contract, teachers will now receive Martin Luther King Jr. Day off as a holiday, reducing the school year by one day from 184 to 183 days, Dyer said.

This is the first time in four or five years that a two-year contract has been approved.

Dyer said he wanted to note that “I always have appreciated the professional relations we’ve always had with the Concord Teachers Association.”

In other matters, school board members awarded the selling of a $1.9 million general obligation bond to J.J.B. Hillyard, W.L. Lyons Inc. as part of the “current needs” part of the school building project.

This is the first part of a three-phase project to renovate and add on to schools and then build a new seventh- and eighth-grade building.

The $1.9 million will update parking at the main campus and place a new roof over most of Ox Bow Elementary School.

Following on the heels of the “current needs” project, is a $63.3 million project, referred to as Phase 1. This is project where grades will be realigned, making the elementary schools kindergarten through fourth grades with renovations to those buildings; creating a fifth- and sixth-grade building out of the current junior high school and renovating it; and building a new seventh- and eighth-grade building.

The high school will be the third part of the corporation’s construction plans, and has not yet been discussed.

Also, board members approved a trip for the stringed instruments group to Washington, D.C., in October.

The trip, which will take place partly during fall break, will involve approximately 50 students and six to eight adults.

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