LAGRANGE — In Monday’s LaGrange County Commissioners meeting, the commissioners discussed monetarily supporting the new Lakeland High School Technology Center.

“A lot of times when you make these kinds of decisions, you need to look back into history to see what you really need to accomplish,” Commissioner president Phil Curtis said. “I’m really in favor of this program.”

He added that having the technology center can encourage students to put forward their best effort and find good, high-paying jobs. “It is to be a countywide program based in Lakeland with opportunities for Prairie Heights and Westview,” Curtis said.

Superintendent Risa Herber said, “If we could vote and have a decision by December, that would be OK. We need to be breaking ground.”

The commissioners decided to address questions and concerns about the center during the joint council and commissioners meeting after the council meeting Nov. 9.

Highway and engineering

County Engineer Jon Crist asked the commissioners to sign papers for federal funding from the Indiana Department of Transportation.

“This is for the last portion,” he said. “They’re trying to get this project moved forward into the spring.”

Crist said there is $2.7 million of federal funding set aside for the project, though LaGrange will also have to come up with a 20 percent match.

“The last phase of 250 North is going to move a little faster than we expected, even it if doesn’t come until 2011.” According to Crist, the portion of C.R. 250 North currently under construction is nearly finished.

Crist also discussed Bridge 87, the wooden bridge on C.R. 150 North, which needs to be replaced.

Highway department staff hopes to start the project around June.

Crist said, “When school’s out, we want to close the road and hopefully we can get it done before schools opens in the fall.”

Council on Aging

Cheri Perkins and Randy Packer from the Council on Aging had the commissioners sign the 5311 grant they received from stimulus money. The money is being used to buy two new vans.

Perkins said they’re fortunate that the grant money will let them purchase a Canadian-made van as the mileage is better.

Parker said one of the old vans needs to come out of service. The two purchased with the grant money will be used to replace it.

“One will be available as a back-up vehicle,” she said. “That will give us eight vehicles in the fleet.”

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