BEHIND THE BADGE: Patrolman joins brother in police work



Zachary Miller says having an older brother as a fellow law enforcement officer on the same department has more advantages than disadvantages.

“I’ve always wanted to be a police officer since I was little,” Miller said. “When my brother (Brandon Miller) became a cop (in 2011), I got to ride with him a couple of times and I enjoyed it so I decided to college and got a degree in criminal justice.”

Miller has been with the Goshen Police Department as a full-time officer since September 2014 and began as a reserve officer in June 2013.

“I work different shifts than my brother does but it helped me to get to know the guys and get closer with everybody,” Miller said. “It’s good to know that everybody has your back and it’s cool to work with my brother.”

He worked the midnight shift until recently, when he was appointed to the afternoon shift.

“Each shift has its benefits but it’ll be nice to be on a more normal sleep schedule,” Miller said, smiling. “Midnights can be busier during nicer weather, because people like to be outside. There are more arguments and fights on the night shift because more people are at home rather than working.”

After Miller graduated from Goshen High School, he moved to Fort Wayne to attend Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne and then moved back to Goshen again.

“I like Goshen and having been born here and growing up here, it helped me know the streets and the landmarks in town,” he said. “It’s not a job I would trade for anything. It’s a job unlike any other. I couldn’t sit at a desk. You never know what kind of calls come in. You have to keep on your toes. It’s always a challenge but I guess that’s why I like it.”

What has been the worse part of his job so far?

“The things involving children,” Miller said. “I want to make children feel safe and secure, but sometimes I can only hope for the best.”

During his free time, Miller said he works out to keep fit, watches movies and cheering on his favorite football teams, Notre Dame and the Indianapolis Colts.

Zachary Miller

Goshen Police Department

Rank: Patrolman

Shift: Afternoons

Began full-time duty: Sept. 22, 2014

Prior: Worked as a reserve officer

Education: Degree in criminal justice

Enjoys: Movies and football

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