Denise Fedorow

Denise Fedorow

I hope you all had a blessed and joyful Easter. We were certainly blessed with a beautiful day. Temperatures nearly reaching 80 degrees and sunny — I can’t remember a recent Easter Sunday when the weather was so nice, especially with Easter being so early this year, too.

There have been some Easters that were cold or rainy so having such a beautiful day was not lost on me.

The fact that we could actually be in church this year for Easter was a big reason for joy. I’d almost forgotten how last Easter Sunday I dressed nice, lit a candle, turned on my computer to watch my pastor offer Mass to an empty church. It was so bizarre to not be able to attend church at all during Holy Week last year. So even though things are still different, it was a blessing to actually be able to congregate.

My joy started early Easter weekend as I had an assignment to cover Good Friday services in Spanish at a local less-often-covered church for Today’s Catholic newspaper. Good Friday services are the opposite of joyful as we recall the passion of our Lord’s suffering, but I was soaking in the beauty of the church in Bremen. The interior had natural elements of stone and wood and gorgeous stained glass. The pastor also used to be associate pastor at my church, so I got to visit with him a little bit afterward and he showed me around the rest of the church.

The rest of the weekend I was overdoing it — trying to get stories in to two papers, cleaning the house and starting preparations for Easter dinner. Everything had to be done in spurts with frequent breaks to wait for my pain level to alleviate a little.

My youngest son and family were coming for Easter dinner and since it was going to be so nice, I told my daughter-in-law to come earlier and I’d have an Easter egg hunt for the little ones.

The 4-year-old and 8-year-old made quick work of finding the 10 eggs I hid in my yard, and it made my day to see their excitement and happiness finding the eggs. They had so much fun they wanted to share the joy, so they both took everything out of the Easter baskets I got for them and hid the items around my house for me and their dad to find.

The other bit of joy was my BFF dropped by unexpectedly and just started doing the dishes while I was on the phone with my oldest brother. I told her to leave them and just visit, but she insisted. It was a big relief to not have the dishes hanging over until the next day because there was no way I was up to doing them.

After dinner, the kids wanted to have another Easter egg hunt, but this Grandma had way exceeded her limit and couldn’t move. I told them next time they come over we can play Easter egg hunt again. Simple things bring them such pleasure.

My Arizona daughter-in-law sent picture of the two girls. Four-year-old Emma asked her to send a picture to show me she was wearing the Easter hair clips I sent to her. Her dad told me she “adopted” the purple cow I sent for her baby sister and decided it was a unicorn. I also received pictures of the baby with big grins on her face and a video of her giggling so hard it had me giggling, too.

So aside from the ultimate reason for Easter joy — the reason we celebrate the holiday in the first place, there were a lot of other reasons for joy, too.

Denise Fedorow is a columnist and correspondent for the Goshen News. Readers may contact her at Follow Denise on Twitter @DeniseFedorow

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Correspondent and columnist for The Goshen News

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