There is not a person on the planet that doesn’t marvel at God’s paintbrush of autumn’s changing colors. Some years are more perfect than others, but as a whole they are all a nine or a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.


With the holidays bearing down like a crazy, tinsel-strewn runaway train, it can be hard to plan ahead or think creatively about what you’re going to cook. In my experience, most families have a pretty clearly defined division of menu when it comes to holiday dinners. Grandma makes the turke…

Pyrrharctia isabella is not a household word, but the caterpillar we call the woolly bear is certainly a well-known and beloved part of our fall culture.

DEAR DR. WELDY’S: My husband always checks our vehicles' antifreeze strength and level this time of the year. This year he plans on flushing the radiator and putting in new antifreeze. I am worried about my pets and my beloved backyard birds. How dangerous is that stuff? — Faithful Reader

Darla Weaver is an Old Order wife, mother, expert gardener and author. She and her husband have three children, but she grew up in a family of five sisters and four brothers. The sisters all live in the hills of southeastern Ohio near her parents’ house where they grew up.


Lake Country farmers continue to strive for new crop markets. To that end, in late 2016, three farms and the Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center cooperated on a proposal submitted to the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education division of the USDA. The proposal scope: “Investigate…

Sunchokes are a tuber that have tall stalks of lovely yellow flowers (like sunflowers), and a bunch of crazy-fast growing root vegetables under the ground. They have an artichoke heart-like taste, hence the combo name of sunchoke. They are probably more commonly referred to as Jerusalem arti…

I am waiting for everyone to be ready for supper. On the menu are cheeseburgers and macaroni and cheese. Sweet onions from the garden will be good on the hamburgers although my husband Joe and I are probably the only ones that add onions to our sandwich.


At 200 kmp (125 mph), the Avant train ride from Barcelona to Girona, Spain, is fast and smooth. Out the window, the view encompasses rolling territory capped with mountains, red dirt fields and dark green smudges of trees. Here and there a town appears with a church steeple poking up.

Emily and Jason Traycoff opened West Main Tavern in Syracuse nearly five years ago, and they have enjoyed immense success since. So much so, that they’ve had to continually add staff to sustain the growth. That alone became nearly a full-time job each open day.


Seriously, is it really that time of year again? Apparently so; at least that is what most retailers are pushing. Isn’t Halloween still in the air? Wasn’t Labor Day just celebrated? I’m beginning to believe we’ll be shopping for Christmas on the Fourth of July very soon in the future! Ugh!

Collagen is available as a dietary supplement, and I have been hearing interesting things about it lately, so I decided to do some research. Collagen makes up about 30 percent of the proteins found in the human body — things like skin, bones and connective tissues. Collagen gives the skin it…

VALENCIA, Spain — We are sitting at a table on a patio out in the middle of the fields on the outskirts of Valencia, Spain. Right around noon, we set out on a walk from our loft apartment in the historic district headed for one of the city's museums. As we walk through narrow streets, large …

Fall is the best time of year. I’ve decreed it so, based on the weather, colors, attire and flavors. When you think of the perfect fall dessert, a nice fruit crisp comes to mind. So what do you do if fall is virtually forcing you to bake yummy autumnal treats, but you’re trying to eat better…

Global faiths are what they are, global, because they are missionary. They are not all missionary in exactly the same way, but missionary in the sense that their adherents believe their faith possesses a message that others — in fact all the people of the world — need and that the adherents …

Ten years ago, a tornado wreaked havoc through the Nappanee area, leveling homes, uprooting trees, buckling streets and changing lives. But the mighty wind also inspired local churches to cancel Sunday worship as folks worked together to clean up the mess and show themselves as “servants of all.”

Grow a banana tree in Indiana? My first thought would instantly be, never! But it is indeed true. Not only will they grow and survive in Indiana’s USDA Cold Hardiness Zones (5) and (5b) but as far north as Minnesota where they have Cold Hardiness Zones 3a, 3b, and 4a, 4b.

Daughter Lovina, 14, and son Kevin, 13, just left for school. It’s cold and windy outside and the temperature has dropped to 54 degrees. We had just enjoyed a few nice warm and sunny days until yesterday, when it was rainy and cooler.


The aroma of popcorn is a real pleasure and like many food aromas, it is very addictive. You just have to have some popcorn and you can’t just have one kernel. From a health perspective, popcorn should be our go-to snack. I am talking about plain or seasoned popcorn, not caramel corn.

With the news that African swine fever is spreading quickly in Asia and Europe, it is time for pork producers in the United States to learn more about this disease.


It’s 6:45 a.m. and daughter Lovina, 14, and son Kevin, 13, just left for school. It’s still quite dark outside. Daylight Saving Time lasts until November, so it seems most of the school year it’s dark when they leave with the bus.


It all starts with Winter Luxury, a stunningly beautiful heirloom pumpkin of the palest orange and just enough flesh for two pumpkin pies. I spy it at the Goshen Farmers Market and have to buy it. I also purchase an old-fashioned pie pumpkin to use for pumpkin cookies and pumpkin cake.

This summer I noticed changes in the leaves of particular trees. Earlier in June and July my neighbors’ tulip poplar seemed stressed, with only partial foliage, and several other neighborhood trees were scantily clad as well. In August and September, the leaf color of specific trees with mor…

NAPPANEE — The $8.5 million 2019 budget was approved without any comment from the public or council members at the Nappanee City Council meeting, but other topics drew comments from both Monday evening.

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I’m carefully perched on a ladder in my front yard, washing windows. In a spurt of energy, I’m finally cleaning out the front porch, sweeping thoroughly, gathering items for recycling, and putting up my basket collection on the wall, things that have been on my to-do list for a while. I blam…


This is a series about parts of the country my wife Gayle and I have never seen. The goal was the Black Hills. We started in round-about fashion by heading to Purdue for homecoming and meeting-up with Special K at Harry’s Chocolate Shop.


On one of the warmest days of the year, I build a fire in the outdoor oven. The walnut trees in our backyard are shedding their yellow strands of leaves, slowly letting down their summer finery. A cicada shell lies among the leaves on the patio, a shadow of its former self. The sun is hot, b…


It’s 8:30 p.m. and we just came home from daughter Elizabeth and Timothy’s house. Elizabeth made supper for us. She made cooked potatoes, cooked carrots, corn, Sloppy Joe sandwiches with ice cream for dessert. It was nice to not have to cook supper tonight. And it was a wonderful evening to …

Thanks to scientists, we have so many more food choices. Peppers are incredible vegetables when you think about their colors, flavor, size and uniqueness to be sweet and very hot. Not only are peppers vegetables of color, they are also nutrient-dense. When I teach food and nutrition programs…


I’m sitting outside here by the grill as daughter Loretta grills hamburgers for our supper. We will also have vegetable soup with the hamburgers. The hamburgers are from our freezer which we packed individually last winter after butchering beef. This pack of hamburgers had cheese added.

Bee pollen is something trending right now that you may hear about online or see in sketchy health supplement advertising. It’s basically a pellet of flower pollen collected and transported by your typical honeybee. One pellet contains more than 2 million grains of pollen and color varies ba…

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