Daniel Nafziger

Daniel Nafziger

GOSHEN — A Goshen Health official said he is concerned about the lower numbers of people being tested for COVID-19 in Elkhart County.

“While this past week has continued to be relatively stable for COVID-19 numbers, we’re concerned that the number of people being tested has lessened over the past several weeks,” said Dr. Dan Nafziger, Goshen Hospital’s chief medical officer and infection disease specialist. “If you have symptoms of COVID-19, even if they are mild or if you have been exposed to someone who has the virus, we urge you to get tested.

“The reopening of schools will provide additional opportunities for the virus to spread, so all of us need to do our best to slow the spread of the virus at home and work. The precautions are just as important as ever: wearing masks, physical distancing (especially when indoors), hand washing and staying home when sick.”

According to the Indiana State Department of Health, local testing sites will be held at Team Rehabilitation, 223 Chicago Ave., Goshen, and at Northside Gymnasium, 300 Lawrence St., Elkhart.

Those wanting to be tested can find a local testing site by going online to https://www.coronavirus.in.gov/2524.htm.

Below is COVID-19 activity for Goshen Health as of Monday, going back to March 11.


12,514 tests completed

1,572 positive test results (overall positivity rate of 12.8%)

10,713 negative test results

173 outstanding test results


230 hospital admissions

219 hospital discharges

26 confirmed COVID-19 positive related mortalities


Indiana health officials on Tuesday reported 15 more coronavirus-related deaths across the state as the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations continued a recent climb.

Officials announced 841 new coronavirus cases, keeping the state’s seven-day average of newly confirmed infections steady over the past week at 864 cases as of Monday. That average has fallen since reaching 967 about two weeks ago. Indiana officials have reported more than 88,000 coronavirus infections since the pandemic hit the state.

State statistics show that Indiana hospitals were treating 987 patients with the COVID-19 respiratory disease on Monday. That total is up nearly 150 patients from a week ago.

Here are Tuesday’s numbers:

Statewide — 88,421 positive cases, up 841; 3,023 deaths, up 15; 1,010,981 unique individuals tested, up 9,140; 7-day positivity rate — all tests, 5.4%; 7-day positivity rate — unique individuals, 6.8%.

Elkhart County — 5,398 positive cases, up 16; 97 deaths, two new; 41,061 unique individuals tested, up 127; positivity rate — all tests, 6.3%; 7-day positivity rate — unique individuals, 10.4%.

LaGrange County — 582 positive cases, zero new; 11 deaths, zero new; 2,909 unique individuals tested, up 14; positivity rate — all tests, 3.2%; 7-day positivity rate — unique individuals, 2.6%.

Noble County — 775 positive cases, up two; 30 deaths, zero new; 7,215 unique individuals tested, up 41; positivity rate — all tests, 6.3%; 7-day positivity rate — unique individuals, 7.1%.

Kosciusko County — 994 positive cases, up eight; 12 deaths, zero new; 10,558 unique individuals tested, up 38; positivity rate — all tests, 10.8%; 7-day positivity rate — unique individuals, 15.2%.

St. Joseph County — 4,692 positive cases, up 154; 90 deaths, two new; 55,651 unique individuals tested, up 639; positivity rate — all tests, 8.8%; 7-day positivity rate — unique individuals, 12.1%.

Marshall County — 858 positive cases, up two; 23 deaths, zero new; 9,408 unique individuals tested, up 21; positivity rate — all tests, 2%; 7-day positivity rate — unique individuals, 3.2%.

As of Tuesday, nearly 42% of ICU beds and more than 84% of ventilators are available across the state.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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