Dr. Daniel Nafziger

Dr. Daniel Nafziger

GOSHEN — Goshen Hospital is reporting a higher number of COVID-19 patients, particularly those requiring ventilators.

According to a statement from Goshen Health, "Overall, the number of patients has remained in the mid-20s from last week and through the weekend. This last week saw a total of six deaths, the highest number by far for any week."

Dr. Daniel Nafziger, Goshen Hospital's chief medical officer and infectious disease specialist, said, “With the colder weather on the way, we continue to worry that more people gathered indoors will increase the spread of COVID-19. By now all the precautions may be like second nature to some of us — and to others, they may be a constant struggle. But please know, your efforts do make a difference — wearing a mask, handwashing and physically distancing.

"Most of our homes aren’t large enough to entertain more than a few people indoors. Staying home if you’re not feeling well is also critically important this cold and flu season — and having a COVID test if the situation warrants it. This has been — and continues to be — a very challenging time for all of us — as individuals, families, medical professionals and communities.”

Dr. Nafziger added, “Many people are worried about how they will deal with feeling more isolated during the winter. Being outside can be critical to our emotional health. Pay attention to how you’re feeling and talk to your provider if you begin to feel depressed. And, reach out to your friends and family who may need your phone call, text or email to remind them you care. We’re still in the middle of this pandemic, but we’re not alone.”


According to Goshen Health Marketing  Specialist Liz Fisher, "COVID-19 testing at our urgent care is now by appointment. They have a new indoor system since the weather is getting colder."

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