FAIR FACES: Exchange Club member enjoys raising money at the fair

BEN MIKESELL | THE GOSHEN NEWSMoe Miller, of Middlebury, has been attending the Elkhart County 4-H Fair as a member of the Elkhart County Exchange Club for 40 years.

GOSHEN — Moe Miller sits outside the Elkhart County Exchange Club building, greeting fairgoers with jokes and conversation as they walk down food row.

He's been a part of the Elkhart County 4-H Fair and the Exchange Club for 40 years, and he has stories for everyone who will give him the time.

"I've involved myself in every phase of the project," Miller said, referring to the Exchange Club's involvement in the fair. Every morning Miller helps distribute ice from their building across the fairgrounds.

On the opening day of the fair, the man from Middlebury wore his favorite "Three Stooges" hat with "MOE" across the back. He said it was a Father's Day gift once, and that he reserves it for special occasions.

"Everybody knows the Three Stooges' story," Miller said. "They get a kick out of the hat."

While at the fair, Miller said he enjoys eating at the Bunny Hut the most because he likes giving back to the county.

"All the funds we raise at the Exchange Club, we raise for Elkhart County charities," he said. "That's my enjoyment. It's a lot of hours at the fair, but I don't care."

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