TECH TALK WITH MIKE: Skedda is a space management tool

Skedda is a web-based scheduling and booking system created to manage reservations for different venues, such as meeting rooms, co-working spaces, sports facilities, labs, community venues, professional studios, consulting rooms, and classrooms. The system's main objective is preventing double bookings of available venues. It is mobile friendly, flexible and reduces the overall time spent managing the space–style resources. It can be a real benefit and great resource to any facility that offers scheduling or booking of multiple rooms, whether for internal use or at a cost to the public to reserve.


Users can easily access bookings administration and forward their bookings using Google, Twitter and Facebook logins. Without the complex authentication process, the whole procedure becomes more manageable.

You can have as many regular users as you wish and develop numerous tags for them to help you manage user interactions with your venue. You will comfortably manage aspects, such as who can book, color conditions for bookings, booking conditions for venues and payment terms. In a nutshell, you can discreetly administer pricing conditions and bookings for individual users.


The booking calendar gives an overview of the available spaces and their usage. You can share your calendar URL with everyone, or give secure invitation logins and links if you wish to take privacy a notch higher. Users can easily view the dates and spaces not to mention the calendar underlines the possibilities of adjusting and changing venues. The unavailable times are even summarized in an uncomplicated manner. What’s more, you can Sync Skedda calendar with Apple Calendar, Outlook, and Google Calendar.


Skedda allows self-service, enabling your users to make and cancel bookings online themselves. However, they will know and need to sign-off to respect the specified policies and rules. Feel free to pinpoint who can book; either the public, users with specific tags, admins or invited users.


An online payment system is very efficient and promotes repeat bookings. The process is fast and eliminates page redirects or reloads since users process payments from a single page. Also, there are two payment method options; the book now, pay later and the upfront approach. Since Skedda is mobile friendly, users can make payments from any location, including their mobile device.


Most of your venues probably have terms and conditions that users need to obey. You can add these rules to Skedda and open up your available spaces to self-service bookings. Venue customization by day, user tag, time and day is also possible. Customize in terms of minimum and maximum booking times, full or half day bookings, booking cancellation duration ranges, among others. Skedda automates even the most complex pricing and booking structures.


Skedda is accessible through all internet devices since it is a cloud-based solution. Users can add your space’s progressive app to their tablets, phones or home screen and use it to manage bookings anytime from any location. In addition, Skedda's optimization reduces loading times for fast browsing and bookings. The app is white labeled thus displays the venue’s name rather than “Skedda” if you add PRO pack. Skedda boasts of zero auto-updating and installs as well.


Power-up your Skedda experience with some optional paid Packs; PRO, INTEGRATIONS AND ONLINE PAYMENTS. PRO pack gives reasonable limits and customization. For instance, it can make your space private, retain data for an extended period, white label your mobile app or emails, and offer unlimited admins and coloring rules.

With INTEGRATIONS, you can sync Skedda with other calendars and automate your venue bookings. The bookings workflows will show up alongside other essential appointments. Skedda offers an optional online payment system that’s easily manageable for fast and secure payments. Skedda offers website embed options and Wordpress Plugin integrations to make connecting with your current website easy as well.


Choose Skedda and manage your large or small venue efficiently and transparently. If you’re still on the fence, how about starting with the free-to-use option for five spaces and see how things go.

Mike Gingerich is president of Digital Hill Multimedia (, a Goshen, Indiana web design and marketing agency. He is also a co-founder of and, leading software tools for contests and lead capture, and author of the book Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation. Find out more at

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Mike Gingerich is the president of Digital Hill, a software management firm in Goshen, Ind.