Mike Gingerich is the president of Digital Hill, a software management firm in Goshen, Ind.

Video marketing is having a higher impact on lead generation in comparison with traditional marketing strategies. Videos are now responsible for more than 50% of all web traffic around the blog. Video marketers also generate 66% more qualified leads in a year vs traditional strategies and have higher brand awareness by 54%.

Video marketing has caught on because the majority of videos answer the questions potential buyers may have. Some of the most popular marketing videos include explanatory and tutorial type videos that educate people on what the product does. There are several ways you can use marketing videos to generate qualified leads.


You can’t make a marketing video that is content rich if you don’t understand your final consumers. Researching the needs of your target audience will equip you with the information you need to create an exciting video. It will also help you with ideas on how to create entertaining videos that will keep your audience captivated and watching until the end. It is not only essential to create a good video, but to maintain the attention of viewers until the end, where there should be a CTA (call to action).


The only way you can guarantee that viewers will check out your products, is if you create videos that are content-rich and entertaining. The entertaining factor will keep viewers interested while you impart useful details, and keep them coming back. Engaging video advertisements are more likely to be shared widely on several online platforms, which then leads to a broader outreach. It has been proven that good video campaigns have higher conversion rate; hence, more views which means more meaningful leads.


Placing your video content in the right channels will contribute significantly on the clicks that your video then gets. YouTube is the biggest video site, which makes it an excellent place to set up marketing videos. The videos should be paired with relevant searches for maximum impact. Video marketing is also viable for Facebook and other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. Social media has a vast number of people who share entertaining and informative videos with friends and family. You can also share the links to videos on your website, YouTube, and other platforms through your company social media accounts.


Most platforms that allow video sharing also suggest similar videos to viewers; hence, a CTA is in your best interest. The CTA should lead the viewer to other videos of your products or to your website to purchase your products. If you do not add a CTA, you risk losing qualified leads once they move on to the next video.


Video marketing is much more successful when it's in conjunction with other techniques like online advertising, email marketing, or SMS marketing. For example, sending emails with video attachments or links to watch the videos on browsers has a higher impact than plain text emails. Traditional marketing strategies yield more results when combined with video marketing, so do not shelve those strategies.

Mike Gingerich is president of Digital Hill Multimedia (www.DigitalHill.com), a Goshen web design and marketing agency. He is also a co-founder of TabSite.com and Waftio.com, leading software tools for contests and lead capture, and author of the book Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation. Find out more at www.MikeGingerich.com/book.

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