TECH TALK WITH MIKE: Best text message marketing software tools for 2019

SMS text message marketing tools help you send bulk, personalized text messages to a list of contacts when and how often you want to send them. Create the messages yourself or use their tools to automatically and quickly personalize messages before sending.

If you’re considering adding a text message strategy to your overall digital marketing plan, here are top SMS marketing software to consider.


EZ Texting is arguably one of the best SMS marketing services when it comes to personalization. Their tools help you deliver messages in the right words and at the right time to maximize engagement. Unlike other services, you also get delivery alerts so you know when a message reaches its destination. Clients can generate elaborate reports covering everything including keyword performance. The company has a 14-day free trial period and plans start at $49/month.


SlickText has an easy-to-use interface and supports all the major text message marketing needs such as polling, voting, contests, and drip campaigns. Clients also benefit from keyword management, personalization, and more. The number of contacts and customer groups you can create is unlimited. Inbound messages are free and outbound messages have a cap that varies depending on plan price. The service is free for the first 50 texts in a month. Then the service starts at $29/month.


Starting at $195/month, Trumpia is an excellent text message marketing service with plenty of useful features. These include message personalization, scheduling, an unlimited number of contacts, and even segmenting your contacts into groups. Sorting is vital when you want to send messages based on the stage in the sales funnel. Both reporting and customer support are very good on the platform.


TXT180 offers all the basic services expected of an SMS marketing service plus more. First off, you enjoy free inbound messaging. Meaning that you don’t pay a cent to see messages coming from your contacts. You can also receive an unlimited number of inbound texts. Messages can be scheduled well in advance and there are even auto-responses to make use of whenever needed. Customer support is through phone and email. Pricing starts at $14.95/month.


Another popular SMS marketing service, ProTexting stands out in many areas. Add an unlimited number of contacts, categorize the contacts as you wish, and run polls and contents with ease. You’ll also find subscription management functions to help keep track of SMS subscriptions. Above all, reporting on the platform is trouble-free. Get detailed, up-to-date reports covering every element of your campaign. Prices start at $49/month.


SimpleTexting provides all the tools needed to run an effective SMS text message marketing campaign. Run polls and content with ease and even schedule your SMSs and set up auto-responses. Something that stands out is that you can add details about each contact on your list such as location and other demographic information. Support is offered via phone, email, and live chat. Prices start from $25/month.


Finally, founded in 2007, SumoText has been around long enough to earn the trust of millions of users. It has a simple, interactive user interface, is easy to set up, and comes packed with tons of features designed to simplify your SMS marketing while increasing ROI. Whether you’re looking for auto-responders, polls, contests, or keyword management, SumoText has it all. Prices start from $79/month.

SMS text messaging is a great way to remind customers of important events and appointments and give them the great customer service they’ve come to expect from you and your business. As you can see, prices vary broadly based on features and tools within each. In today’s noisy world, text messages go directly to the customer on a device you know they use every single day, so you know they will see your message.

Mike Gingerich is president of Digital Hill Multimedia (, a Goshen web design and marketing agency. He is also a co-founder of and, leading software tools for contests and lead capture, and author of the book Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation. Find out more at

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Mike Gingerich is the president of Digital Hill, a software management firm in Goshen, Ind.

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