GOSHEN — The maximum sentence, amounting to more than 100 years, was decided for a Goshen man convicted of killing a Goshen College professor and attacking his wife nearly a decade ago.

Winston Corbett, 25, was sentenced during a hearing in Elkhart County Circuit Court Monday, after a jury found him guilty of murder and attempted murder charges in November.

Corbett was accused of killing 58-year-old Jim Miller and injuring his wife Linda after breaking into their home along Wildwood Court in October 2011. Together, the couple had close to 75 stab and cutting wounds. Corbett was arrested in October 2018 after investigators matched his DNA to the DNA from a blood droplet found in the house.

“The evidence showed the depth of the depravity, the callousness, the heinousness, and just how sociopathic your behavior was. And this struck me during the course of the trial, Mr. Corbett,” Judge Michael Christofeno said, pointing to details from the case as well as Corbett’s demeanor over the course of the trial.

During the nearly two-hour hearing, members of the Miller family testified about their trauma from losing Miller to the crime.

Linda Miller described the difficulty of coping with her physical wounds, as well as the psychological scars, including, in her estimation, close to 2,000 nightmares over several years. She said she’s also lived in fear the killer would return for her.

“Winston’s actions brought fear into my life. He brought fear into our neighborhood, and he brought fear into our community,” Linda Miller said.

She also talked about the loss of income from Jim Miller’s death; the costs of recovering from the ordeal; and she lamented how she was robbed of time with her husband, and her children time with their father.

Leanne Miller, one of the couple’s daughters, regretted experiencing years of holidays and birthdays, high school and college graduations, her first job, and her first apartment without Miller. And he won’t be around for her wedding or be a grandfather to her children.

“He sung to my brother and me so often, it would’ve been nice to hear him sing to my children as well,” Leanne Miller said. “We can’t share a book anymore, and we can’t listen to music together, and we can’t play games as a family.”

In deciding the sentence, Christofeno ordered the maximum term on each count, finding aggravated penalties were appropriate. On the murder charge, Corbett received 65 years, followed by 50 years for the attempted murder charge, to total 115 years in prison since the terms will run consecutively.

Corbett did not speak at the hearing on his attorney’s advice.

He has maintained his innocence in the case and intends to appeal the conviction. A public defender was appointed to represent him through the process.

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