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With the holidays bearing down like a crazy, tinsel-strewn runaway train, it can be hard to plan ahead or think creatively about what you’re going to cook. In my experience, most families have a pretty clearly defined division of menu when it comes to holiday dinners. Grandma makes the turke…

Pyrrharctia isabella is not a household word, but the caterpillar we call the woolly bear is certainly a well-known and beloved part of our fall culture.


GOSHEN — When Radio Horizonte first took to the airwaves in 2016, the studio was tucked into a tight space inside The Famous Building, and it wasn't long before the president of the station, Manuel Cortez, was looking to expand. In the summer of 2017, Cortez and vice president Giovani Munoz …

DEAR DR. WELDY’S: My husband always checks our vehicles' antifreeze strength and level this time of the year. This year he plans on flushing the radiator and putting in new antifreeze. I am worried about my pets and my beloved backyard birds. How dangerous is that stuff? — Faithful Reader

Darla Weaver is an Old Order wife, mother, expert gardener and author. She and her husband have three children, but she grew up in a family of five sisters and four brothers. The sisters all live in the hills of southeastern Ohio near her parents’ house where they grew up.


GOSHEN — This week, students Model Elementary School wrote letters to military veterans, thanking them for their service. To find recipients, Principal Tami Hicks wrote up a list of veterans within Goshen Community Schools, including faculty and parents of students.


GOSHEN — Sandra Cortez, a sophomore nursing major from Elkhart, was among a group of first-generation students from Indiana’s independent colleges and universities honored at the 29th annual “Realizing the Dream” banquet Nov. 3 in Indianapolis.


Communication these days is more accessible but ironically more challenging at the same time. People have a multitude of communication tools, including cell phones, texts, emails, social media, chat programs, and more. So, the hard part is getting everyone on the same page. It’s difficult to…

Local briefs also include: • BMV closed today for Veterans Day • Friends, Family, Veterans Day Sunday • GPL search committee meeting Monday • ‘Diabetes, Heart Disease and You’ set • Wellness event Wednesday


Lake Country farmers continue to strive for new crop markets. To that end, in late 2016, three farms and the Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center cooperated on a proposal submitted to the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education division of the USDA. The proposal scope: “Investigate…

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A referendum aimed at raising funds for improved student safety within the Wa-Nee School Corporation was passed overwhelmingly Tuesday by district voters.

ELKHART — In 2013, Chris and Kristin Dutton began the All 4 Alice Bowling Benefit in remembrance of their mother, Alice Dutton, who died in 2012 from complications of breast cancer.

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ELKHART — Two Elkhart police officers who punched a handcuffed man in the face more than 10 times will face criminal charges — 11 months after the fact, and only after the South Bend Tribune requested video of the incident as part of an ongoing investigation with ProPublica.

WARSAW — A northern Indiana judge is allowing a man who was 15 when he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the fatal shooting of his stepfather to enter home detention earlier than expected.

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