Construction crews continued renovations Thursday on the historic Goshen Theater, focusing work on the updated lobby and basement layouts. Among the recent additions are a new elevator shaft, framing for new basement-level bathrooms, a new staircase constructed to access the basement and improvements to the ballroom.

Mayor Jeremy Stutsman confirmed Thursday the theater renovation project is “still on schedule,” with a planned March re-opening.

Originally called the Jefferson Theater, construction of the building was completed 1905, and in 1906, it caught fire, according to the theater’s website. Rebuilt and reopened in 1907, it served the Goshen community for several years. In 1948, it was converted from a playhouse to a cinema and renamed Goshen Theater. Due to economic decline, the theater was closed to the public in 1986, later reopening in 1987 as spaced owned and used as a church meeting space through 2013. During this time, in 2012, Goshen Theater Inc. was founded, with market and feasibility studies conducted to evaluate revitalization. GTI then purchased the building and began fixing safety issues in 2014-15. The theater has since hosted limited programming, with Phase 1 of the Next Act Fundraising Campaign launching in 2017.