I’ve mentioned this in passing in a couple of columns, but I think it bears some elaboration: Hypocrisy is a very boring subject. It’s the cheapest sort of complaint to make against somebody, reflexive and shallow.

The problem with our nation’s reaction to the coronavirus is not that we’ve taken the threat too seriously, that we’ve done too much to protect ourselves and our loved ones. It’s that we haven’t taken it seriously enough.

Winter is coming and, in our part of the world, most living things are preparing for it. While humans are weatherizing their homes, changing furnace filters and bringing out winter coats, wild animals are employing slightly different strategies. Let’s look at a few.

Biden promised to be a president for all Americans, whether they voted for him or not. An important first step would be a return to the sort of bipartisanship that has been sorely missing in the current administration.

It's been one rough roller coaster of a year, and it might be difficult for us to find a heart of gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day. But when times are tough, it's all the more important to count our blessings.

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INDIANAPOLIS — Whether it was North Side Gym in Elkhart or the Southport Fieldhouse, or packing Evansville's Ford Center with 11,000 supporters in September 2018, President Trump was at the spearhead of a populist movement. His MAGA rallies filled Indiana's basketball palaces, with thousands who couldn't get in standing outside.

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Absent some bogus rantings regarding voter fraud, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will run the country as president and vice president. Control of the Senate is basically down to two seats that will be decided in January, and Democrats keep control (barely) of the U.S. House.

The COVID recession played havoc with America’s labor markets, as well as the official statistics that we use to describe them. This generated plenty of misunderstanding about the state of the economy. With the passage of time and supplemental surveys of workers, a clearer explanation is now emerging.

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