DUNLAP — There comes a time in every student's life where they need to spread their wings and fly.

Greeted by cheers from both family and staff at Concord High School, the seniors took to Jake Field Thursday for their commencement ceremony. During the evening, 328 students graduated.

Speakers for the evening included co-valedictorians Emma Gingerich and Justina Riffell, selected speaker Adrianna Smith, a musical selection by Joel Cray and Beck Spataro, a presentation of the salutatorian and valedictorians by Dr. Lisa Kendall, faculty speaker Mrs. Sheila Urednick, introduction of the school board by Mr. Dan Funston, and school board president Mrs. Kami Wait.

The high school choir and band performed, and students took to the stage as their names were called and smiled with joy while looking towards their families. The Concord Class of 2021 overcame many bumps in the road to get to this point in their lives,  including a flood, freezing temperatures from a polar vortex, and even a global pandemic.