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Too many people believe fake news on the internet. What’s worse, they share it with gullible souls on Facebook, Google and other social media, badly blurring the picture of what’s true and what’s not.

I had heard about the iconic Muhammad Ali, but my first and only memory of watching him compete on live television was distinctly unimpressive. The aging 38-year-old champion was fighting Larry Holmes, who at 31 was in the prime of his career. It was 1980 and I was 9 years old. Holmes domina…

One of the things I enjoy most about being the editor of The Goshen News, is occasionally digging into our dusty old archives and catching up with the past. Here inside our Main Street offices we have drawers full of yellowing clips, frayed documents and crispy photo prints. In the way back …

This past Tuesday morning, the final touches were put on the annual Goshen News Partners In Progress edition, which this year was incorporated into our Elkhart County Living magazine division. The final files were sent to the printer where 184-page glossy color magazines are being printed an…


It was a Tuesday, and it was our first day of school that week at Towncrest Junior High as a lake-effect snow storm cancelled Monday classes. I was in eighth grade and for once eager to get back to school after the weekend. Two days earlier turned out to be one the best days of my young life…


By the end of the week Goshen will have a new mayor and three new City Council members. Mayor Allan Kauffman is stepping down after nearly 19 years in office. Two-term At-Large City Councilman Jeremy Stutsman will succeed him. Julia King will replace Stutsman on the council.

While out on assignment this past Wednesday, my travels took me though Shipshewana. As I drove through the intersection of Van Buren and Middlebury streets, I took special notice of the little one-story building on the southwest corner.

Adam Scharf, a candidate for City Council recently submitted a letter to the editor that was published this past Wednesday. In it Scharf expressed a concern that I have heard from local politicians off and on throughout the years.

Putting out a daily newspaper is hard work. It’s often thankless work that requires thick-skin, moral integrity, odd hours and versatility. And the pay doesn’t exactly scream “lake house.”


Summer is officially here and the never ending list of necessities have been running through my head.


The once famous ’70s denim skirt is making a comeback, but this time with a modern twist.

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Last year I had the opportunity to travel with my parents to Guatemala, which was one of the best experiences I could have ever had. I was introduced to a completely different way of living.


When I was a skinny 7-year-old towheaded boy I learned something that has stayed with me and filled my life with joy.

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Finally summer is right around the corner and I decided that talking about swimwear would be more than appropriate. For many of us shopping for swimwear can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. It can be the best or worst experience.

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While trying to think of what to write for this week's blog, I found myself contemplating on the next few weeks and realized I will be more on the go than ever before. One thing I am pretty big on is comfort and I think it is good to treat yourself to some effortless fashion.

Back in 1992, I was standing in the same spot as today’s Goshen College graduates — in a line waiting to get my diploma.

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In the past month I have tried to think of different ways I can be a little different from past years, while adding some spunk to my everyday life. I want to be risky and spontaneous.

Saturday was Record Store Day, a relatively new recognition/celebration of the culture of the independently-owned record stores. It started in 2007 and has gained new significance locally as Goshen now possesses one of the coolest record shops around with Ignition Garage.

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Every year around this time I find myself torn between wanting to buy a whole new warbrobe and keeping everything I own. It can be so hard to let go of clothes you purchased the year before or years before if you're like me!

For the past week my favorite pattern to wear has been anything plaid or gingham. I find plaid/gingham very versatile. I love that gingham can be girly and edgy. It adds the perfect touch to any outfit!

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Growing up I had this enormous love for blazers. I always saw my mom wear them to work or pair it with some dress pants on the weekends.

I don’t have any big plans for St. Patrick’s Day. I won’t be wearing green sunglasses with shamrock-shaped lenses. I won’t be drinking green-dyed adult beverages.

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During New York Fashion Week the all-white trend was a big hit on the runway. I was a huge fan of it myself! It's so classic and chic -- but a little intimidating.

Back when I was growing up in Goshen I would often spend the night at my friend Bret’s house at the west end of Jefferson Street. It was a big drafty house that stood next to the alley and was a stone’s throw from the millrace.