Locally, voter turnout for the general election was strong.

In Elkhart County 62.15 percent of registered voters cast ballots. In actual numbers that’s 71,775 out of 115,496 voters.

Elkhart County Clerk Stevie Burgess said, “It went so smooth, compared to what we’ve done the past month.”

She said she was very pleased with the day, as all but two precincts were counted by about 9:30 p.m. But the ballots from Baugo 73 and 74 were not brought to the Goshen vote count center until nearly 10 p.m. and the final count was completed about 11 p.m.

Precinct workers were busy, Burgess said. “They liked that. There were no complaints from poll workers.” And most precinct workers apparently found time during the busy day to process the many absentee ballots taken to the polls.

Burgess explained that there were extra telephone lines available at the office building for the election board and staff to answer questions. The voter registration office was very busy, too, she said, confirming that voters were registered.

Wayne Kramer, president of the election board, said the day started as expected, with a few equipment problems, most of which were solved with telephone calls.

One machine was replaced because the original at the poll had a bad card inside. That was the only one of 220 machines at the polls, Burgess explained.

Kramer explained there were nearly double the number of absentee ballots in this election than ever before. He said there were 7,664 votes at the halls prior to noon Monday, 3,072 mailed in, 520 collected by traveling boards and 83 faxed ballots, from overseas military and citizen voters.

“That was significant,” he said.

Mike Leasor, election board technician who represented the Democrat party, agreed that the day “went pretty well.” He explained that most questions posed to the board were answered over the telephone. Leasor has helped the election board in the last several local elections.

Burgess said she worried that there would be many problems Tuesday, but they did not materialize.

“In my opinion, it was a really good election,” Burgess concluded.

Noble, Kosciusko counties

In Noble and Kosciusko counties, 63 percent of registered voters cast their ballots

Noble County Clerk Candy Myers said that voting went “pretty smooth.” Like any election, there were the regular problems of people not being in the right precinct and being redirected, she said.

“It was a lot smoother than I had anticipated,” she said. “And I was getting that feeling ‘When’s the bomb’s going to drop?”

But the bomb didn’t drop, although, Myers said, there were still lines in two precincts when the polls closed at 6 p.m.

Elections Supervisor Ann Torpy said, “Everything seemed to run smoothly. There weren’t any problems we had as far as machines, we didn’t receive any complaints about lines or delays at the polls.”

County Clerk Sharon Christner added, “Everything went fine. We were counting absentee first and got that done. It was later that we got to the precincts.”

LaGrange County

LaGrange County Clerk Bev Elliott said, “We did not have any problems. Everything ran real smooth.”

Elliott said that she was pretty sure voter turnout set a record. The turnout percentage was 60.47.

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