Goshen News, Goshen, IN

March 5, 2012

WHO WE ARE PROFILE: Dr. Richard Brown


— Born in Minneapolis, Dr. Richard Brown moved to Texas where his dad was a flight instructor during World War II. After the war the Brown family lived in South Dakota before moving to Coure’d lane, Idaho. His parents loved the outdoors so the family did a lot of camping, skiing, fly fishing and drifting the mountain streams.

When Richard was in fourth grade his family moved to Spokane, Wash., for two years and then on to Denver, Colo., where he went to junior high school. The next move was to Fort Wayne, where Richard went to high school. He said he just assumed as a young person that every family moved around like his.

Since graduating from Fort Wayne North Side High School, Purdue University and Indiana University Dental School, Brown, now 69, has practiced dentistry in Ligonier for more than 40 years.

What do you enjoy about Ligonier?

One of the things I enjoy most about Ligonier is the diversity of the people. Also all the wonderful relationships I have been blessed with through the years. It has been a great place to raise a family. Our community has been well served by the hard work of many to create an economic base that allows the citizen to have steady employment. Many folks also volunteer their effort to the betterment of the community.

Ligonier has also has a strong and diverse agricultural base both English and Amish in the neighboring area. I think Ligonier’s architecture is exceptional, with many beautiful Queen Anne homes built by the Jewish community at the turn of the last century.

There has been a strong effort to restore the central business area over the years and that is one reason I decided to place my practice downtown and restore an existing building in hopes of bringing people to that part of our community. Ligonier also has many recreational areas close by, Lake Wawasee which is the largest and in my opinion most beautiful lake in Indiana. My family has enjoyed sailing “Sophia” on many balmy summer days. There are many smaller lakes and streams close by that are great for fly fishing, etc.

We have taken advantage of adjoining communities facilities such as Goshen’s airport. That was a great place to hangar our airplane which allowed us to stay connected to family, friends and warmer places in the winter months. Such winter activities as skiing are just a stones throw away in Michigan.

What about Ligonier would you like

to see improved?

As far as future improvement in the community I would urge the continual encouragement of those involved in restoration and beautification of the community. I’m thankful that Ligonier has so many private foundations that see this as a priority also.

What is Ligonier’s best-kept secret?

One of our best kept secrets is the restaurants and architecture in Ligonier. Plus the friendliness of the community. There isn’t anywhere I would have rather practiced dentistry and raised a family. My wife Joyce and I feel very blessed!