Goshen News, Goshen, IN

March 5, 2012

WHO WE ARE PROFILE: Jennifer Eberly


— Jennifer Eberly, 37, is an English as a New Language teacher at Goshen High School.

Where did you grow up?

Woodburn, Ind., outside of Fort Wayne

What schools did you attend?

Woodlan High School and Goshen College

Describe the essence of this

community in your eyes

I think it is a wonderful and caring community with a rich blend of diversity.


What about this community would you like to improve?

I believe transportation should be improved. I work with many families for whom transportation is a major issue. For various reasons, they do not have their own means of transportation and are left with very few options. We often take the ease of getting around for granted, but for people in these situations, even getting to the store to buy milk can be a huge ordeal.

What is this community’s

best-kept secret?

The amazing things our young people are doing in school is really our best-kept secret. Even though we continue to show growth, test scores don’t really paint an accurate picture. The community needs to know that great things are happening in our schools.

Speaking just for Goshen High School, we have had more than 60 National Merit finalists in the past 10 years, a number well above other schools. We are often higher in SAT scores than schools in the surrounding area. We had more than 30 percent of our students take and pass IB or Advance Placement classes (the state was hoping for 25 percent, and when you add in dual credit classes our number is actually over 40 percent).

Our students  made significant gains in the English, algebra and biology end-of-course assessments, making our combined scores grow by 17 percent in just two years. And these are just the academic things. Amazing things are happening, but the public only sees one thing — pass or fail.