Goshen News, Goshen, IN

September 24, 2013


Northridge gets best of NLC 3-way meet in Goshen


GOSHEN — The Northridge Raiders came to Goshen on Tuesday and took home high school girls and boys cross country wins in an NLC match with Goshen and Plymouth Tuesday night at Shanklin Park.

The Northridge girls led by overall winner Olivia Golden (19:59 for 5,000 meters) defeated Goshen 15-46 and Plymouth 18-41 while the Northridge boys paced by overall winner Blake O’Dell (16:55 for 5,000 meters) topped Goshen 24-31 and Plymouth 16-44.

The Goshen girls dropped a 24-31 decision to Plymouth and the GHS boys posted a 17-42 victory.

“I love this course,” Northridge coach Ryan McClane said. “That goes back to when I used to run on it.”

The two individual winners have a little different opinion of the course.

“I had my best time ever on the course, but it is not one of my favorites,” Golden said.

“There is too much cement and too much asphalt on the course and it’s too flat. We’re born in Middlebury to run hills.”

“There are cement issues on the course and it’s one of the least friendly when it comes to spectators,” O’Dell said.

“Tonight there was a biker up on the bridge.”

The Raider girls improved to 9-0 (6-0 NLC) and the boys to 8-1 (5-1) both squads will be at the Culver Invitational on Saturday.

“It’s a little hard to say the boys were close to Northridge since the Raiders were down a runner,” Goshen coach Mike Wynn said. “The guys did well. We are working on lowering our five-man gap time. Abe Medellin (fifth man) is working on lower his time. He ran a 16:48 tonight and I’ll take that from a kid who is a sprinter on the track team.

“We have some little things to work out on the girls’ side. We were going up not just one good team but two pretty good team tonight.”

McClane held James Bradberry out of the meet.

“We gave him some rest to see if we can get him back in the mix,” the coach said.

Golden was a nine-second winner over teammate McKenzie Love (20:08) with another Raider Morgan Blyly third in 20:19.

“The plan was to keep our top three runners together for the second half of the race,” Golden said.

“If we are all on the same page this team has the potential to very, very hard to beat. To do that we need to have team spirit and I don’t just mean cheering for each other. We need to know what is a good time for every runner on the team.”

One teammate she pointed our was Carly Spirito who placed 14th in 21:57.

“This is Carly’s first year on varsity,” Golden said.

“We are getting contributions from her and a lot of the younger girls on the team.”

By Northridge standards this is a young Raider team.

“We graduated five seniors last year plus we had a couple runners not come out this season,” McClane said.

“There are two girls that have three years of experience. We have made huge strides with some of the sophomores and freshmen dropping the most time but we still have a big gap between our third and fourth runners.

“Spirito has ran well all season. Her season was over with last year by this time. She has some motivation and has dropped her best time by 50 seconds so far.”

O’Dell finished seven seconds ahead of his teammate Conner Sandt (16:55) while Shawn Graves of Goshen claimed the third spot (17:04).

“We wanted to take the first part of the race hard, then group back and finish strong,” O’Dell said.

“We were a little anxious. We just wanted to get it going and went out a little too hard.

“We expected Goshen to be good and they could be  team that challenges for the conference title. All teams have the potential to be good they just have to find it.”

Girls Summary

1, Olivia Golden (N) 19:59; 2, McKenzie Love (N) 20:08; 3, Morgan Blyly (N) 20:19; 4, Libby Read (P) 21:03; 5, Katelyn Kilmer (N) 21:07; 6, Abby Patrick (P) 21:13; 7, Mariah King (N) 1:24; 8, Tricia Place (G) 21:25; 9, Megan Campbell (N) 21.34; 10, Nora Rangel (G) 21:39; 11, Annelise Wiebe (G) 21:48; 12, Shelby Harrell (P) 21:48; 13, Rachel Crawford (P) 21:49; 14, Carly Spirito (N) 21:57; 15, Rylee Dahlman (N) 22:06.

Other Goshen runners: 18, Jasmyn Brown 22:21; 19, Beatriz Castillo 22:24; 20, Ariana Perez Diener 22:37; 23, Bethany Pollock 22:56; 24, Adrienne Henke 23:27; 25, Frankie Lietzan 24:07; 26, Lineth Alvarez 24:17; 27, Chelsea Studabaker 25:02; 28, Kristen Graves 25:04; 29, Noel Zak 26:37; 30, Kaylee Hettinger 27:22; 31, Kathertine James 27:46; 32, Kimberly Grounds 27:57; 33, Leslie Jarrett 28:00; 34, Stephanie Quiroz 28:01; 35, Petra Lindenborg 28:06.

Other Northridge runner: 16, Nikki Willey 22:13.

Boys Summary

1, Blake O’Dell (N) 16:48; 2, Conner Sandt (N) 16:55; 3, Shawn Graves (G) 17:04; 4, Neel Patel (N) 17:14; 5, Ricardo Castillo (G) 17:19; 6, Lane Graves (G) 17:27; 7, Nolan Rhodes (N) 17:30; 8, Kennedy Schmeders (P) 17:31; 9, Gerardo Abad (G) 1&;44; 10, Abe Medellin (G) 17:55; 11, Phil Kilmer (N) 17:59; 12, Mitchell Schrock (N) 18:14; 13, Levi Schuller (P) 18:31; 14, Mason Reed (P) 18:34; 15, Joel Byler (G) 19:00.

Other Goshen runners: 16, Jamie Castillo 19:09; 17, Andrew Pillow 19:32; 19, Zach Oyer 19:39; 20, Josh Schrick 19:42; 21, Jose Ortiz 19:54; 23, Alex Pressler 20:08; 25, Nate Ganger 20:23; 26, Andrew Miller 20:33; 29, Josh Bustos 20:45; 31, Grant Simpson 21:12; 32, Kevin Rivera 21:22; 33, Irving Suarez 21:27; 34, Abram Schwinn 21:30; 35, Michael Pinarski 21:42; 36, Dustin Otto 21:54; 37, Jonathan Gonzalez 22:34; 38, Sergei Culp 22:36; 40, Jose Castillo 22:42; 41, Jose Chiquito 22:57; 44, Edgar Arroyo 24:29; 47, Hunter Bowling 26:57; 49, Hector Aguero 27:42.

Other Northridge runners: 22, Riley Gorden 20:10; 28, Blake Mawhorter 20:43; 46, Nathan Kozlowski 25:26.