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May 14, 2013

PREP GIRLS TRACK AND FIELD: Their time to shine

Area prep track athletes make their bid for regional slots

WARSAW — One short week ago, Northridge High School junior Olivia Golden finished third in the 1,600 meters in a time of 5:16.56 in the NLC championships.

Tuesday night in the IHSAA girls track and field sectional at Warsaw, the standout distance runner placed first in a time of 5:07.46.

“All this past week the coaches were telling me not to focus on other people’s problems, but to be selfish and just worry about me,” Golden said. “This is one time it paid to be selfish. The coaches also gave all the distance runners (800 meters and above) little motivational notes. Those helped me.”

Warsaw senior Sarah Ray was second in the sectional 1,600 (5:08.49) after winning the NLC (5:06.76).

“My two goals coming into sectional were to break 5:07 and to beat Sarah,” Golden said. “The plan was to stay with the leaders and not to take the lead until the final lap. I have a tendency to go early so I took the lead on the third lap and once I finished that lap knew there was enough left to win the race.”

Golden was a part of Northridge’s sectional 4 x 800 relay last year, but this was her first individual sectional title.

“We talked with Olivia all week about how seed times didn’t mean anything,” Northridge coach Josh Fletcher said. “She just needed to go out and run her race.

“She took the lead earlier than we had wanted her too, but it worked out. One thing I always tell runners is that when you take the lead be sure you are ready to keep it.”

Warsaw won a seventh straight team title with an impressive total of 178 points. Northridge was second at 85 followed by Elkhart Central 83, Concord 76, Elkhart Memorial 61, Fairfield 31, Goshen 24 1/2, Jimtown 23 1/2, Wawasee 20, Elkhart Christian Academy 16, NorthWood 15 and Lakeland Christian Academy 11.

The top four finishers in each event return to Warsaw next Tuesday for regional competition.

Fairfield senior Sophie Brown set the only record on the night with a pole vault effort of 11-9 — breaking her own mark set last season of 11-6 3/4.

Goshen advanced senior Leah Kissinger in the 800 (fourth in 2:25.21) and the 4 x 800 relay (fourth in 10:34.56) of sophomore Jasmyn Brown, freshman Nora Rangel, senior Jessica Wynn and sophomore Adrienne Henke.

“We ended the season on a good note and for some of the girls the season did not end,” Goshen coach Brock Maust said. “The 4 x 800 has been running well all season and picked a good time to mesh.

“Kissinger has been in a walking boot for the last two weeks. She ran a good race and was right on her seed time. She earned her spot in regional.”

Freshman Morgan Blyly, senior Mandy Campbell, senior Mackenzie Gray and senior Jennifer Schrock won the 4 x 800 relay (9:55.55) for Northridge.

“This is the second year in a row we have won the 4 x 800,” Fletcher said. “Three of the girls were the same with Blyly being the newcomer.”

Northridge senior Madison Stewart won shot put (40-4 3/4) and junior Christina Juroff long jump (16-1).

“I was seeded second coming in so there was a chance of winning,” Stewart said.

Her winning throw was in the preliminary round.

“I was motivated and ready to go,” she said. “I wanted to get one out there.

“It’s a great feeling to win sectional as it shows all my hard work has paid off.”

Sophomore Ciana Bonfiglio, freshman Casey Buchanan, freshman Mariah DeFreese and junior Jessica O’Connell won the 4 x 400 (4:04.12) for Concord.

“That time is a personal best and it might be a school record,” Concord coach Lindsay Yoder said.

“One amazing thing about the race is Bonfiglio had never run a 400 before in competition. She is one of our best sprinters and hurdlers.”

Bonfiglio’s addition to the relay just came on Monday night.

“We wanted to put the people out there that gave us the best possible chance of beating Warsaw,” Yoder said.

Bonfiglio ran the third leg and was in the lead when she handed off to the anchor (O’Connell).

“I knew when she handed off to O’Connell in the lead we were going to win,” Yoder said.

“I’m shocked,” Bonfiglio said. “Since I just found out about this last night. My teammates on the relay gave me some great advice and tips about running the 400.”

O’Connell won the 300 hurdles (45.22). She has not lost a 300 hurdle race all season.

“She is an amazing gymnast,” Yoder said.

“So there are not too many runners that are going to be stronger than her. I have been trying to get her to run the 400 but her heart in is the hurdles.”

“I just keep pushing myself to get better,” O’Connell said. “I always pray before a race and ask God to let me do my best.”

Sectional Summary

4 x 800-METER RELAY — 1, Northridge (Morgan Blyly, Mandy Campbell, Mackenzie Gray, Jennifer Schrock) 9:55.55; 2, Elkhart Memorial (Haley Lehman, Hailey Moore, Sierra Moore, Allison Hoefle) 10:19.23; 3, Warsaw (Aletheia Burritt, Claire Kehler, Brooke Rhodes, Madeline Hooks) 10:26.43; 4, Goshen (Jasmyn Brown, Nora Rangel, Jessica Wynn, Adrienne Henke) 10:34.56; 5, Fairfield (Jenna Kieper, Katie Kieper, Anastasia Suderman, Taylor Stidham) 11:12.04; 6, Elkhart Central (Carol Weirich, Jasmine Cotton, Lorena Zelaya, Madeline Thomas) 11:17.44; 7, Concord Kelyin Cruz, McKenah D’Arcy, Mackenzie Porter, Yelyzaveta Domricheve) 11:48.84; 8, NorthWood (Brooke Anglemyer, Katelyn Minder, Nancy Rice, Jamie McBride) 12:18.47.

100-METER HURDLES — 1, Jackie Ferguson (Warsaw) 15.71; 2, Jesscia O’Connell (Concord) 15.73; 3, Aleyiah Williams (Elkhart Central) 16.28; 4, Hailey Nieveen (Lakeland Christian) 16.83; 5, Ciana Bonfiglio (Concord) 16.98; 6, Marisela Salazar (Goshen) 17.26; 7, Jessica Miller (Fairfield) 17.71; 8, Jameia Griffin (Elkhart Memorial) 18.28.

100-METER DASH — 1, Ann Harvuot (Warsaw) 12.61; Mariah DeFreese (Concord) 12.66; 3, Mariah Harter (Warsaw) 12.78; 4, Deasaray Greer (Jimtown) 13.01; 5, Taylor Pennington (Elkhart Christian) 13.06; 6, Lauren Lambert (Northridge) 13.-06; 7, Riley Miller (Fairfield) 13.32; 8, Shawntel James (Jimtown) 13.43.

1600-METER RUN — 1, Olivia Golden (Northridge) 5:07.46; 2, Sarah Ray (Warsaw) 5:08.49; 3, Sierra Moore (Elkhart Memorial) 5:21.04; 4, Kayla Casaletto (Elkhart Christian) 5:22.27; 5, Jen Slabaugh (Wawasee) 5:35.56; 6, Corinne Cominator (Northridge) 5:40.94; 7, Amanda Dibley (Elkhart Central) 5:44.56; 8, Vanessa Steiner (Concord) 5:49.94.

4 x 100-METER RELAY — 1, Warsaw (Samantha Alexander, Brittney Rhodes, Mariah Harter, Ann Harvuot) 49.91; 2, Elkhart Central (Jametria Culbreath, Tatiyana Gates, Aleyiah Williams, Gabi Yoder) 50.10; 3; Elkhart Memorial (Stephanie Bettis, Victoria Mills, Ashayla Mills, Tailor Schultheis) 50.68; 4, Concord (Mariah DeFreese, Ciana Bonfiglio, Jaelyn Beasley, Jessica O’Connell) 51.47; 5, Fairfield (Chloe Armbruster, Sophie Brown, Riley Miller, Jessica Miller) 51.83; 6, NorthWood (Abigail Adams, Madison Angle, Jessica Borkholder, Lindsay Ziegler) 52.54; 7, Elkhart Christian (Julia Campoli, Christa Knapp, Taylor Pennington, Maggie Watson) 52.83; 8, Goshen (Jennifer Bustos, Brianna Clawson, Jamie Johnson, Brianna Yoder) 52.96.

400-METER DASH — 1, Tennie Worrell (Warsaw) 1:00.05; 2, Gabi Yoder (Elkhart Central) 1:00.23; 3, Megan Kratzsch (Warsaw) 1:01.58; 4, Morgan Markel (Elkhart Central) 1:03.39; 5, Abigail Adams (NorthWood) 1:04.06; 6, Janell Smart (Concord) 1:04.23; 7, Alyssa Zook (Northridge) 1:04.33; 8, Tonisha Maddox (Elkhart Memorial) 1:04.38.

300-METER HURDLES — 1, Jessica O’Connell (Concord) 45.22; 2, Jackie Ferguson (Warsaw) 47,43; 3, Nicole Eckert (Warsaw) 49.26; 4, Hailey Nieveen (Lakeland Christian) 49.47; 5, Michelle Bowen (Elkhart Memorial) 50.32; 6, Marcy Simpson (Elkhart Central) 50.33; 7, Eve Rohrer (Fairfield) 51.11; 8, Lindsay Ziegler (NorthWood) 51.17.

800-METER RUN — 1, Sierra Moore (Elkhart Memorial) 2:18.33; 2, Hannah Dawson (Warsaw) 2:20.63; 3, Mandy Campbell (Northridge) 2:23.51; 4, Leah Kissinger (Goshen) 2:25.21; 5, Anna Nisen (Concord) 2:31.51; 6, Mackenzie Gray (Northridge) 2:31.56; 7, Cynthia Yoder (Warsaw) 2:32.33. 8, Adrienne Henke (Goshen) 2;.33.40.

200-METER DASH — 1, Ann Harvuot (Warsaw) 25.96; 2, Mariah DeFreese (Concord) 26.17; 3, Samantha Alexander (Warsaw) 27.21; 4, Jametria Culbreath (Elkhart Central) 27.26; 5, Victoria Mills (Elkhart Memorial) 27.29; 6, Ciana Bonfiglio (Concord) 27.33; 7, Catherine Yankosky (Wawasee) 27.73; 6, Riley Miller (Fairfield) 28.30.

3200-METER RUN — 1, Sarah Ray (Warsaw) 11:13.34; 2, Olivia Golden (Northridge) 11:25.22; 3, Morgan Blyly (Northridge) 11:40.30; 4, Kayla Casaletto (Elkhart Christian) 11:50.85; 5, Courtney Linnemeier (Wawasee) 12:19.65; 6, Haliey Moore (Elkhart Memorial) 12:22.97; 7, Jen Slabaugh (Wawasee) 12:28.72; 8, Amanda Dibley (Elkhart Central) 12:45.90.

4 x 400-METER RELAY — 1, Concord (Ciana Bonfiglio, Casey Buchanan, Mariah DeFreese, Jessica O’Connell) 4:04.12; 2, Warsaw (Hannah Dawson, Nicole Eckert, Tennie Worrell, Jackie Ferguson) 4:04.22; 3, Elkhart Central (Jasmine Cotton, Jametria Culbreath, Gabi Yoder, Morgan Markel) 4:16.73; 4, Northridge Brennah Tadeo, Mandy Campbell, Alyssa Zook, Mackenzie Gray) 4:17.88; 5, Goshen (Jennifer Bustos, Nora Rangel, Tricia Place, Adrienne Henke) 4:22.84; 6, Fairfield (Chloe Armbruster, Eva Rohrer, Anastasia Suderman, Brooke Mast) 4:28.39; 7, Elkhart Memorial (Tonisha Maddox, Allison Hoefle, Ashayla Mills, Sierra Moore) 4:29.42; 8, Lakeland Christian (Hannah Remington, Emilee Catron, Carissa Urschalitz, Hailey Nieveen) 4:30.56.

HIGH JUMP — 1, Jamie Lacheta (Warsaw) 5-4; 2, Azariah Stahl (Elkhart Central) 5-3; 3, Casey Buchanan (Concord) 5-3; 4, Nicole Duryea (Jimtown) 5-1; 5, Michelle Detwiler (Concord) 5-0; 6, Kayla Sandt (Northridge) 5-0; 7, tie, Maria Corbett (Goshen) and Joy Moore (Jimtown) 4-10.

LONG JUMP — 1, Christian Juroff (Northridge) 6-1; 2, Courtney Farling (Warsaw) 16-0 1.2; 3, Stephanie Bettis (Elkhart Memorial) 16- 0 1/4; 4, Samantha Alexander (Warsaw) 15-10 1/2; 5, Shawntel James (Jimtown) 15-9 1/2; 6, Jametria Culbreath (Elkhart Central) 15-8 3.4; 7, Katie Secor (Jimtown) 15-6; 8 Tailor Schultheis (Elkhart Memorial) 15-4.

POLE VAULT — 1, Sophie Brown (Fairfield) 11-9 (sectional record breaks 11-6 3/4 by Brown in 2012); 2, Claire Hickerson (Warsaw) 10-3; 3, Melissa Berger (NorthWood) 10-0; 4, Megan Dearlove (Warsaw) 10-0; 5, Jocelyn Spier (Jimtown) 9-6; 6, Holly Lehman (Elkhart Central) 9-6; 7, Tricia Place (Goshen) 9-0; 8, Rachel Miller (Jimtown) 8-0.

DISCUS — 1, Samantha Jensen (Warsaw) 1114-11; 2, Tia Garnett (Elkhart Central) 109-3; 3, Madison Stewart (Northridge) 107-6; 4, Jenai White (Elkhart Central) 107-4; 5, Gabby Monroy (Warsaw) 104-0; 6, Andrea Hagar (Fairfield) 103-5; 7, Deanna Cornelius (Elkhart Memorial) 102-11; 8, Cara Albert (Elkhart Memorial) 100-0.

SHOT PUT — 1, Madison Stewart (Northridge) 40-4 3/4; 2, Jordan Edington (Wawasee) 38-9; 3, Deanna Cornelius (Elkhart Memorial) 37-5 1/2; 4, Jenai White (Elkhart Central) 36-11 1/2; 5, Khyana Sanders (Elkhart Central) 35-9 1/2; 6, Brooklyn Harrison (Warsaw) 35-9 1.4; 7, Tatyana Moore (Goshen) 34-11 3/4; 8, Jhovana Cervantes (Warsaw) 34-8 1/4.

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