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February 1, 2013

PREP GIRLS SWIMMING: Stage set for finals

200-freestyle will just be one race to watch on Saturday

MIDDLEBURY — One of the more anticipated races Saturday in the championship finals of the IHSAA girls swimming sectional will be over in less than two minutes.

The finals of the 200-yard freestyle matches Wawasee sophomore Breanna Robinson and Northridge senior Brittney Walters. Robinson finished first in Thursday night’s preliminaries in 1:53.96 while Walters was second in 1:54.74.

“It’s going to be a great race. Both of them are strong, evenly matched swimmers,” Wawasee coach Julie Robinson said. “Walters is a distance swimmer so it might come down to the last 50 and who makes the last turn the best.”

When the two squared off in the finals of the event at the recent NLC meet Walters placed first in a meet record time of 1:50.73 with Robinson second in 1:50.83.

“Brittney’s goal all season has been the last race,” Northridge coach Joe Keller said. “And for her we consider that to be the state finals. All we are really looking for is her to make the state cut (1:50.31) on Saturday.”

Robinson and Walters are two of the best in the state in the 200 free.

“I’ve told Brittney that swimming against Breanna is the best thing for her,” Keller said. “She is competing against one of the best. Teams in the Indianapolis circle see that all the time.”

Robinson is also the top seed in the 100 free (53.17) and Walters leads the 500 free (5:08.79).

“We knew the 500 free would be easier for Brittney,” Keller said.

The top eight in each event will swim in the championship finals on Saturday and the next eight in the consolation finals. Diving preliminaries begin on Saturday at 9 a.m. and all event finals start at 1 p.m.

Goshen sophomore Natalie Evans leads the 100 butterfly (1:02.38).

“I told her not to worry about time tonight,” Goshen coach Nate Duell said. “We did some experimenting on her turns and she still set herself up nicely for Saturday.”

Overall the coach was thrilled about what he saw from the Redskins.

“We had 24 swims and every one of them will be back for the finals,” he said. “There were some we wanted to go faster, but we didn’t lose a lot of spots.”

Freshman Claire Palczynski is third in the 100 backstroke (1:05.71) and classmate Emma Hussey sixth in the 500 free (5:35.72).

“Claire had a nice backstroke,” Duell said. “She is swimming beyond her freshman year. Hussey has been looking very strong in practice. The best thing about her 500 tonight was she got stronger in the second half of the race. That is what you want to see at this time of the year.”

The finals could be interesting between Northridge, Concord and Wawasee.

Concord sophomore Ashley Schrock leads the 200 individual medley (2:16.71) and 100 breaststroke (1:10.04).

“For the most part we did what we needed to tonight,” Concord coach Tom Johnson said. “I think it’s going to be a dogfight on Saturday between us, Northridge and Wawasee. We are going to have to step it up. All of the freestyles are important and the backstroke is wide open. Our relays are also going to have to swim faster on Saturday.

“Two swimmers that stood out for us were sophomores Rachel Enright and Sydney Shuff. Both were on the bubble in events, but they finished in the top eight.”

Concord’s 200 medley relay leads with a time of 1:55.89.

Wawasee sophomore Kendra Miller tops the 50 free (25.39) and freshman Elizabeth Rozow the 100 back (1:02.58). Sophomore Rachel Rozow injured her hand finishing second in the 100 breaststroke (1:11.60).

“She scraped her fingers. They are swollen,” Robinson said. “She was going quicker than normal and when her hand came over at the finish she caught her fingers in the gutter.

“The 50 free is going to be a tough race on Saturday. That race is so quick it comes down to who has the best start, turn and finish.”

Rozow is not the only Wawasee swimmer under going some adversity. Robinson shared the story of sophomore Caitlin Clevenger.

“She under went a heart catheterization after the NLC meet,” the coach said. “But she has come through it all with a smile on her face. That shows a lot of mental strength.”

Clevenger is eighth in the 100 back (1:09.02) ninth in the 200 IM (2:20.49).

Walters is Northridge’s lone top seed but Keller is still confident about Saturday.

‘We had 24 swims tonight and 23 of them are swimming in the finals,” he said. “The only one that didn’t made up for it with a lifetime best in the 100 free. We did not lose anyone in the top eight so you could say we held serve. We have some girls on this team that have a lot of experience and a lot that have limited or no experience in a meet like this. So I’m proud of their effort.”

Sectional Preliminaries

200-YARD MEDLEY RELAY — 1, Concord (Mariah DeFreese, Ashley Schrock, Laura Housman, Sydney Shuff) 1:55.89; 2, Elkhart Central (Rebecca Hasler, Caroline Oakley, Emily Cutcliffe, Hannah Miers) 1:59.37; 3, Wawasee (Caitlin Clevenger, Hannah Winters, Mikala Mawhorter, Rachel Rozow) 2:02.21; 4, Northridge (Anela Helmuth, Nikki Willey, Megan Campbell, Courtney Clark) 2.:02.58; 5, East Noble (Alyn Clark, Kari Guthrie, Ashley Nichols, MacKenzye Daffron-Koebler) 2:02.60; 6, Goshen (Maggie Walters, Lynnsey James Natalie Evans Claire Palczynski) 2:02.89; 7, Elkhart Memorial (Taylor Kendall, Rachel Collins, Carlie Manges, Delaney Gilbert) 2:11.40; 8, NorthWood (Katelyn Davis, Jamie McBride, Natalie Hostetler, Crystal Wise) 2:14.44; 9, Angola (Sarah Wilson Mackenzie Simmons, Sydney Robinson, Maria Clemens) 2:15.63; 10, DeKalb (Sara High, Nicole Gillespie, Renna Ramos, Bernadette Mock) 2:18.84.

200-YARD FREESTYLE — 1, Breanna Robinson (Wawasee) 1:53.96; 2, Brittney Walters (Northridge) 1:54.74; 3, Peyton Miller (Concord) 2:01.22; 4, Tessa Peter (Northridge) 2:02.14; 5, Avery Smith (Concord) 2:02.63; 6, Kendra Miller (Wawasee) 2:03.16; 7, Rachel Enright (Concord) 2:04.16; 8, Hayley Ronci (Goshen) 2:04.83; 9, Emma Hussey (Goshen) 2:05.40; 10, Emily Cutcliffe (Elkhart Central) 2:07.02; 11, Isabella Staltari (Northridge) 2:11.90; 12, Heather Ronci (Goshen) 2:21.24; 13, Lexi Manges (Elkhart Memorial) 2:12.39; 14, tie, Rainelle Menges (Elkhart Memorial) and Taylor Musialik (Elkhart Memorial) 2:13.90; 16, Jamie McBride (NorthWood) 2:15.20.

200-YARD INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY — 1, Ashley Schrock (Concord) 2:16.71; 2, Kayla Hershberger (Wawasee) 2:18.62; 3, Laura Housman (Concord) 2:20.77; 4, Caroline Oakley (Elkhart Central) 2:22.42; 5, Rebecca Hasler (Elkhart Central) 2:23.45; 6, Kari Guthrie (East Noble) 2:27.13; 7, Nikki Willey (Northridge) 2:27.14; 8, Cassidy Manning (Wawasee) 2:28.59; 9, Caitlin Clevenger (Wawasee) 2:29.49; 10, Ashley Nichols (East Noble) 2:29.86; 11, Courtney Clark (Northridge) 2:29.87; 12, Miranda Vancoppenolle (Northridge) 2:30.53; 13, Jenna Crane (Elkhart Memorial) 2:30.60; 14, Natalie Hetler (Goshen) 2:33.31; 15, Laura Olivo (Goshen) 2:35.61; 16, MacKenzie Bilbrey (Goshen) 2:35.87.

50-YARD FREESTYLE — 1, Kendra Miller (Wawasee) 25.39; 2, Sydney Shuff (Concord) 25.52; 3, Brittani Grove (Northridge) 25.67; 4, tie, McKenzie Wright (Concord) and Sydney Boyer (Northridge) 25.69; 6, Mariah DeFreese (Concord) 25.81; 7, Hannah Miers (Elkhart Central) 25.99; 8, Mikala Mawhorter (Wawasee) 26.02; 9, MacKenzye Daffron-Koebler (East Noble) 26.32; 10, Olivia Wenger (Goshen) 26.55; 11, Molly Hilly (Goshen) 26.97; 12, Natalie Evans (Goshen) 27.01; 13, Shelby Mecklenberg (Elkhart Central) 27.42; 14, Mackenzie Corbin (East Noble) 27.45; 15, Sam Bontrager (Wawasee) 28.11; 16, Mackenzie Simmons (Angola) 28.45.

100-YARD BUTTERFLY — 1, Natalie Evans (Goshen) 1;02.38; 2, Ashley Owens (Northridge) 1:03.98; 3, Emily Cutcliffe (Elkhart Central) 1:04.22; 4, Mikala Mawhorter (Wawasee) 1:04.83; 5, Laura Housman (Concord) 1:05.08; 6, Rachel Rozow (Wawasee) 1:05.52; 7, Molly Hill (Goshen) 1:07.28; 8, Ashley Nichols (East Noble) 1:08.03; 9, Anela Helmuth (Northridge) 1:11.04; 10, Megan Campbell (Northridge) 1:11.78; 11, Cassidy Manning (Wawasee) 1:12.09; 12, Gale Immel (Goshen) 1:12.48; 13, Carlie Manges (Elkhart Memorial) 1:12.65; 14, Estella Donis (Concord) 1:13.44; 15, Sydney Robinson (Angola) 1:15.33; 16, Nichol Vonholten (DeKalb) 1:16.07.

100-YARD FREESTYLE — 1, Breanna Robinson (Wawasee) 53.17; 2, Brittani Grove (Northridge) 55.37; 3, Sydney Boyer (Northridge) 55.55; 4, Elizabeth Rozow (Wawasee) 56.08; 5, MacKenzye Daffron-Koebler (East Noble) 56.40; 6, McKenzie Wright (Concord) 56.90; 7, Hannah Miers (Elkhart Central) 58.92; 8, Olivia Wenger (Goshen) 58.51; 9, Heather Ronci (Goshen) 59.66; 10, Surae Woods-Cross (Goshen) 1:00.50; 11, Alyn Clark (East Noble) 1:00.95; 12, Catherine Brown (Elkhart Central) 1:01.50; 13, Delaney Gilbert (Elkhart Memorial) 1:01.97; 14, Rainelle Menges (Elkhart Memorial) 1:02.18; 15, Shelby Mecklenberg (Elkhart Central) 1:02.54; 16, Sydney Petersheim (Northridge) 1:03.00.

500-YARD FREESTYLE — 1, Brittney Walters (Northridge) 5:08.79; 2, Tessa Peter (Northridge) 5:26.56; 3, Peyton Miller (Concord) 5:27.39; 4, Rachel Enright (Concord) 5:29.62; 5, Hayley Ronci (Goshen) 5:35.23; 6, Emma Hussey (Goshen) 5:35.72; 7, Avery Smith (Concord) 5:38.11; 8, Kayla Hershberger (Wawasee) 5:39.74; 9, Jenna Crane (Elkhart Memorial) 5:42.65; 10, Miranda Vancoppenolle (Northridge) 5:48.64; 11, Hannah Winters (Wawasee) 5:58.08; 12, Lexi Manges (Elkhart Memorial) 6:04.24; 13, Katie Younghans (Goshen) 6:07.22; 14, Taylor Musialik (Elkhart Memorial) 6:14.30; 15, Natalie Hostetler (NorthWood) 6:17.31; 16, Jennifer Slabaugh (Wawasee) 6:21.40.

200-YARD FREESTYLE RELAY — 1, Wawasee (Mikala Mawhorter, Kendra Miller, Kayla Hershberger, Breanna Robinson) 1:43.34; 2, Concord (Ashley Schrock, Mariah DeFreese, Peyton Miller, Avery Smith) 1:44.40; 3, Northridge (Ashley Owens, Miranda Vancoppenolle, Sydney Boyer, Brittani Grove) 1:45.33; 4, Goshen (Molly Hill, Natalie Evans, Olivia Wenger, Hayley Ronci) 1:47.52; 5, Elkhart Central (Katelyn Stout, Sarah Freehafer, Shelby Mecklenberg, Catherine Brown) 1:54.86; 6, Elkhart Memorial (Delaney Gilbert, Rainelle Menges, Jenna Clark, Lexi manges) 1:55.75; 7, East Noble (Megan Goldsmith, Elizabeth Maggart, Kristi Brennan, Mackenzie Corbin) 1:55.85; 8, Angola (Maria Clemens, Brook Ice, Hayley Beckwith, Mackenzie Simmons) 1:56.98; 9, DeKalb (Bernadette Mock, Nichol Vonholten, Reena Ramos, Nicole Gillespie) 2:00.84; 10, NorthWood (Kenzie Baker-Ott, Caitlyn Nettrouer, Melissa Berger, Brianna Tuttle) 2:08.96.

100-YARD BACKSTROKE — 1, Elizabeth Rozow (Wawasee) 1:02.58; 2, Rebecca Hasler (Elkhart Central) 1:05.40; 3, Claire Palczynski (Goshen) 1:05.71; 4, Mariah DeFreese (Concord) 1:06.01; 5, Mackenzie Corbin (East Noble) 1:07.63; 6, Anela Helmuth (Northridge) 1:07.74; 7, Sydney Shuff (Concord) 1:07.75; 8, Caitlin Clevenger (Wawasee) 1:09.02; 9, Courtney Clark (Northridge) 1:09.99; 10, Isabella Staltari (Northridge) 1:10.58; 11, Sam Bontrager (Wawasee) 1:10.63; 12, Surae Woods-Cross (Goshen) 1:11.41; 13, Maggie Walters (Goshen) 1:12.02; 14, Katelyn Davis (NorthWood) 1:12.05; 15, Carlie Manges (Elkhart Memorial) Elkhart Memorial) 1:12.33; 16, Emily Aungst (East Noble) 1:14.21.

100-YARD BREASTSTROKE — 1, Ashley Schrock (Concord) 1:10.04; 2, Rachel Rozow (Wawasee) 1:11.60; 3, Nikki Willey (Northridge) 1:12.72; 4, Ashley Owens (Northridge) 1:12.76; 5, Kari Guthrie (East Noble) 1:13.24; 6, Hannah Winters (Wawasee) 1:15.95; 7, Lynnsey James (Goshen) 1:16.58; 8, Caroline Oakley (Elkhart Central) 1:17.15; 9, Alyn Clark (East Noble) 1:18.46; 10, Nicole Gillespie (DeKalb) 1:19.05; 11, Mackenzie Bilbrey (Goshen) 1:19.16; 12, Taylor Kendall (Elkhart Memorial) 1:19.17; 13, Megan Campbell (Northridge) 1:19.29; 14, Emma Donahoe (Wawasee) 1:19.39; 15, Jamie McBride (NorthWood) 1:20.32; 16, Laura Olivo (Goshen) 1:21.37.

400-YARD FREESTYLE RELAY — 1, Wawasee (Kayla Hershberger, Kendra Miller, Breanna Robinson, Hannah Winters) 3;49.04; 2, Concord (Laura Housman, Rachel Enright, Avery Smith, Peyton Miller) 3:51.51; 3, Northridge (Courtney Clark, Tessa Peter, Miranda Vancoppenolle, Brittney Walters) 3:55.06; 4, Goshen (Molly Hill, Emma Hussey, Hayley Ronci, Heather Ronci) 3:57.43; 5, Elkhart Central (Emily Cutcliffe, Hannah Miers, Caroline Oakley, Rebecca Hasler) 3:59.45; 6, East Noble (Ashley Nichols, Alyn Clark, Kari Guthrie, MacKenzye Daffron-Koebler( 4:04.41; 7, Elkhart Memorial (Lexi Manges, Taylor Musialik, Jenna Crane, Carlie Manges) 4:08.71; 8, Angola (Catherine Stout, Jana Olson, Taylor Raugh, Sydney Robinson) 4:33.70; 9, NorthWood (Jamie McBride, Crystal Wise, Katelyn Davis, Natalie Hostetler) 4;35.18; 10, DeKalb (Nichol Vonholten, Bernadette, Sara High, Kara Robinett) 4:38.63.


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