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May 8, 2013

PREP TRACK AND FIELD: Tigers take charge

Raiders finish in second at NLC track meet

WARSAW — The host Tigers captured the team titles in runaway fashion while the Northridge Raiders took the runner-up spots in both the boys and girls NLC high school track and field championship meets Tuesday night at Fisher Field.

“Both of our teams were 7-1 during the regular season and when you do that one of two things can happen,” Northridge coach Josh Fletcher said.

“You can try your best to tie for first place while at the same time you want to make sure you don’t lost that second spot.

“Warsaw has a lot talent on both the boys and the girls side.”

The Tigers accumulated 169.33 points in the boys meet, followed by Northridge 116.50, Elkhart Memorial 101.83, Goshen 88.50, Wawasee 84.33, Concord 63.50, Plymouth 53 and NorthWood 52.

The Warsaw girls amassed 202 points, followed by Northridge 128, Elkhart Memorial 112.50, Concord 94, Plymouth 70, Goshen 46.50, Wawasee 41 and NorthWood 37.

Jessica O’Connell of Concord was a double winner taking the 100-meter hurdles (15.49) and the 300 hurdles (45.36).

Her time in the 300s broke the meet record of 45.4 by Liana Yoder of Goshen in 2012.

“Jessica was amazing,” Concord coach Lindsay Yoder said. “She did not let us down in anything she ran tonight. She is the type of kid that when she steps on the track you know she is going to do what she needs to do.”

O’Connell also broke the 300 record a year ago when she finished behind Yoder.

“I knew the record was a possibility,” O’Connell said.

“It feels really good to break it and to win both events. The last stretch of the 300s I pushed as hard as I could. I wanted to win no matter what.”

O’Connell had a busy night as she also ran on Concord’s 4 x 100 relay (second in 50.98) and 4 x 400 (second in 4:07.73).

“I’m pretty tired,” she said.

Among the highlights for the Northridge boys was a 1-2 finish in pole vault by Josh Rheinheimer (13-8) and Devin Puckett (13-0).

“They have been doing that for us all season,” Fletcher said.

“I was impressed with our 4 x 800 relay (fourth in 8:07.02). The boys also got sprinters in the finals of the 100 and 200 and we had two in the hurdle finals. Michael Fickert taking fourth in shot out (46-11 3/4) was a key for us. So was Blake O’Dell taking second in the 3,200 (9:38.77) and Jacob Frost third (9-51.86).

“The thing about Frost is the 3,200 is not his normal event. He usually runs the 800. Going up like that is quite an accomplishment.”

Highlights for the Northridge girls were a first in the 4 x 800 relay (9:30.72) from Mandy Campbell, Olivia Golden, Mackenzie Gray and Corinne Cominator and a first in shot put by Madison Stewart (38-8 1/2).

“Winning conference championships is huge,” Fletcher said.

“Morgan Blyly ran well in her events as did Olivia Golden.”

Reid Zimmerman was one Goshen athlete Redskin coach Brock Maust said.

“Reid ran a 1:56 split in the 4 x 800 and then finished third in the 1,600, second in the 800 and ran on the third-place 4 x 400 relay,” the coach said.

“Cristian Barron had a heck of a meet for us.

“On the girls side it was nice to see Tricia Place finish third (9-4) in pole vault. Adrienne Henke had a good night and so did Marisela Salazar.”

Girls Summary

4 x 800-METER RELAY — 1, Northridge (Mandy Campbell, Olivia Golden, Mackenzie Gray, Corinne Cominator) 9:30.72; 2, Plymouth (Meagan Fisher, Libby Read, Abby Patrick, Allie Wright) 9:40.42; 3, Elkhart Memorial (Allison Hoefle, Haley Lehman, Hailey Moore, Sierra Moore) 9:54.87; 4, Warsaw (Aletheia Burritt, Cynthia Yoder, Madeline Hooks, Claire Kehler) 10:09.98; 5, Goshen (Adrienne Henke, Jessica Wynn, Jasmyn Brown, Nora Rangel) 10:31.44; 6, Wawasee (Courtney Linnemeier, Tessa Riley, Madison Miller, Becky Snavely) 11:02.52; 7, Concord (Keylin Cruz, McKenah D’Arcy, Mackenzie Porter Cassidy Field) 11:27.96.

100-METER HURDLES — 1, Jessica O’Connell (Concord) 15.49; 2, Jackie Ferguson (Warsaw) 16.28; 3, Brittney Rhodes (Warsaw) 16.50;  4, Marisela Salazar (Goshen) 17.00; 5, Cianna Bonfiglio (Concord) 17.01; 6, Stephanie Bettis (Elkhart Memorial) 17.47; 8, Sammi Davis (Plymouth) 17.54.

100-METER DASH — 1, Ann Harvuot (Warsaw) 12.51; 2, Mariah Harter (Warsaw) 12.92; 3, Mariah DeFreese (Concord) 12.95; 4, Lauren Lambert (Northridge) 13.15; 5, Victoria Mills (Elkhart Memorial) 13.27; 6, Jessica Borkholder (NorthWood) 13.59; 7, Christina Juroff (Northridge) 13.60; 8, Catherin Yankosky (Wawasee) 13.68; 9, Megan Maxwell (Plymouth) 13.69.

1600-METER RUN — 1, Sarah Ray (Warsaw) 5:06.76; 2, Sierra Moore (Elkhart Memorial) 5:13.31; 3, Olivia Golden (Northridge) 5:16.56; 4, Morgan Blyly (Northridge) 5:24.42; 5, Brooke Rhodes (Warsaw) 5:39.04; 6, Adrienne Henke (Goshen) 5:40.52; 7, Vanesa Steiner (Concord) 5:41.62; 8, Jessica Wynn (Goshen) 5:45.26; 9, Emma Paden (Concord) 5:47.03.

4 x 100-METER RELAY — 1, Warsaw (Mariah Harter, Samantha Alexander, Brittney Rhodes, Ann Harvuot) 49.85; 2, Concord (Mariah DeFreese, Michelle Detwiler, Cianna Bonfiglio, Jessica O’Connell) 50.98; 3, Elkhart Memorial (Stephanie Bettis, Ashayla Mills, Victoria Mills, Tailor Schultheis) 51.16; 4, NorthWood (Abby Adams, Maddie Angle, Jessica Borkholder, Ashley Yoder) 53.49; 5, Goshen (Brianna Clawson, Jennifer Bustos, Bree Yoder, Jamie Johnson) 53.97; 6, Wawasee (Sarah Lancaster, Taylor Busse, Blake O’Connell, Catherine Yankosky) 54.20; 7, Plymouth (Tracy Longanecker, Emily Trump, Nicole Snare, Amanda Wolford) 54.37.

400-METER DASH — 1, Tennie Worrell (Warsaw) 59.47; 2, Allie Wright (Plymouth) 59.59; 3, Megan Kratzsch (Warsaw) 1:01.52; 4, Mackenzie Gray (Northridge) 1:01.62; 5, Abby Adams (NorthWood) 1:02.16; 6, Casey Buchanan (Concord) 1:02.90; 7, Alex Drummond (Plymouth) 1:03.63; 8, Alyssa Zook (Northridge) 1:03.65; 9, Allison Hoefle (Elkhart Memorial) 1:04.55.

300-METER HURDLES — 1, Jessica O’Connell (Concord) 45.36 (NLC record replaces 45.4 by Liana Yoder of Goshen in 2012); 2, Jackie Ferguson (Warsaw) 47.98; 3, Nicole Eckert (Warsaw) 48.68; 4, Michelle Bowen (Elkhart Memorial) 50.22; 5, Lindsay Ziegler (NorthWood) 50.36; 6, Katelyn O’Neal (Plymouth) 51.90; 7, Marisela Salazar (Goshen) 51.96; 8, Cassidy Field (Concord) 52.53; 9, Jameia Griffin (Elkhart Memorial) 52.53.

800-METER RUN — 1, Sierra Moore (Elkhart Memorial) 2:17.88; 2, Megan Fisher (Plymouth) 2;20.18; 3, Hannah Dawson (Warsaw) 2:21.24; 4, Corinne Cominator (Northridge) 2:25.19; 5, Olivia Golden (Northridge) 2:26.91; 6, Anna Nisen (Concord) 2:29.80; 7, Libby Read (Plymouth) 2:31.55; 8, Haley Lehman (Elkhart Memorial) 2:31.71; 9, Emma Paden (Concord) 2:32.79.

200-METER DASH — 1, Ann Harvuot (Warsaw) 25.93; 2, Mariah DeFreese (Concord) 26.38; 3, Cianna Bonfiglio (Concord) 27.24; 4, Christina Juroff (Northridge) 27.73; 5, Lauren Lambert (Northridge) 27.73; 6, Tailor Schultheis (Elkhart Memorial) 27.78; 7, Jessica Borkholder (NorthWood) 27.91; 8, Victoria Mills (Elkhart Memorial) 27.98; 9, Catherine Yankosky (Wawasee) 28.15.

3200-METER RUN — 1, Sarah Ray (Warsaw) 11:01.66; 2, Morgan Blyly (Northridge) 11;28.21; 3, Jennifer Schrock (Northridge) 11:34.63; 4, Courtney Linnemeier (Wawasee) 11:56.46; 5, Hailey Moore (Elkhart Memorial) 12:03.67; 6, Jen Slabugh (Wawasee) 12:23.07; 7, Emily Stouder (Warsaw) 12;30.31; 8, Abby Patrick (Plymouth) 12;30.36.

4 x 400-METER RELAY — 1, Warsaw (Nicole Eckert, Megan Kratzsch, Jackie Ferguson, Tennie Worrell) 4:03.94; 2, Concord (Mariah DeFreese, Casey Buchanan, Janell Smart, Jessica O’Connell) 4:07.73; 3, Plymouth (Meagan Fisher, Megan Maxwell, Alex Drummond, Allie Wright) 4:12.09; 4, Northridge (Alyssa Zook, Mackenzie Gray, Brennah Tadeo, Mandy Campbell) 4:13.77; 5, Elkhart Memorial (Chelsea Bettis, Allison Hoefle, Ashayla Mills, Sierra Moore) 4:16.28; 6, Goshen (Edith Gonzalez, Jasmyn Brown, Adrienne Henke, Nora Rangel) 4:19.02; 7, NorthWood (Abby Adams, Haley Roe, Sarah Stump, Lainie Holland) 4:22.66.

HIGH JUMP — 1, Jamie Lacheta (Warsaw) 5-3; 2, Kaydon Fosler (Plymouth) 5-2; 3, Michelle Detwiler (Concord) 5-1; 4, Casey Buchanan (Concord) 4-10; 5, tie Abbey Schue (Warsaw), Kayla Sandt (Northridge) and Megan Fisher (Plymouth) 4-10; 8, Tailor Schultheis (Elkhart Memorial) 4-8; 9, Katie Rock (NorthWood) 4-8.

LONG JUMP — 1, Stephanie Bettis (Elkhart Memorial) 16-4; 2, Samantha Alexander (Warsaw) 16-2; 3, Christina Juroff (Northridge) 15-2 1/2; 4, Lauren Lambert (Northridge) 15-1 1/4; 5, Tailor Schultheis (Elkhart Memorial) 15-0 3/5; 6, Jennifer Bustos (Goshen) 15-0 1/4; 7, Kaydon Fosler (Plymouth) 14-9 1/4; 8, Courtney Farling (Warsaw) 14-8; 9, Jessica Tuttle (NorthWood) 14-6.

POLE VAULT — 1, Megan Dearlove (Warsaw) 10-43; 2, Chelsea Bettis (Elkhart Memorial) 9-4; 3, Tricia Place (Goshen) 9-4; 4, Jessica Tuttle (NorthWood) 9-4; 5, Claire Hickerson (Warsaw) 9-0; 6, Taylor Busse (Wawasee) 8-6; 7, Cassie Quissell (Plymouth) 8-6; 8, Melissa Berger (NorthWood) 8-0; 9, Paige Polomak (Elkhart Memorial) 7-6.

DISCUS — 1, Samantha Jensen (Warsaw) 119-11; 2, Deanna Cornelius (Elkhart Memorial) 111-4; 3,  Madison Stewart (Northridge) 109-0; 4, Kim Swank (Northridge) 10-6-1; 5, Cara Albert (Elkhart Memorial) 105-0; 6, Gabby Monroy (Warsaw) 101-11; 7, Caitlin Clevenger (Wawasee) 99-7; 8, Hannah Winters (Wawasee) 97-6; 9, Kristen Hanson (Goshen) 87-5.

SHOT PUT — 1, Madison Stewart (Northridge) 38-8 1/2; 2, Brooklyn Harrison (Warsaw) 37-7 1/2; 3, Jordan Edington (Wawasee) 37-0 1/2; 4, Deanna Cornelius (Warsaw) 35-1 1/4; 5, Johvana Cervantes (Warsaw) 34-9 1/2; 6, Tatyana Moore (Goshen) 33-11; 7, Kim Swank (Northridge) 33-2 3/4; 8, Breann Johnson (Wawasee) 32-2 1/4; 9, Darrin Mowery (Elkhart Memorial) 29-10.

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