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January 25, 2013

PREP BOYS SWIMMING: Raiders in control

Northridge grabs top seeds in 7 of 11 events on opening day

DUNLAP — You never want to say something is a sure thing in sports. There are always going to be things that make you wonder how did that happen?

Things such as Miami’s upset of  the No.1 ranked  Duke Blue Devils by 27 points in men’s college basketball last Wednesday.

However, the odds of a team beating the Northridge Raiders on Saturday for the NLC boys swimming championship are pretty long.

Northridge has the top seed in seven of the 11 swimming events, including all three relays, after Thursday night’s preliminaries at Concord High School.

The Raiders dominated the prelims. They have three of the top four qualifiers in the 200-yard freestyle, 200 individual medley and the 100 free; two of the top three in the 50 free and 100 backstroke, three of the top five in the 100 butterfly and 100 breaststroke.

“Our focus tonight was getting as many kids as we could in the finals on Saturday,” Northridge coach Joe Keller said. “Of our 24 swims on Saturday 21 of them are in the championship finals.”

The Raiders will be going for a 15th consecutive NLC championship on Saturday. Diving preliminaries begin at 9 a.m. and event finals at 1 p.m.

Northridge has the top seeds in the 200 medley, the 200 free and 400 free relays without according to Keller using his top swimmers.

“We were in a position where we didn’t have to swim our best times to make the finals,” the coach said. “This was not like a meet for us. Our focus was on getting ready for Saturday.

“We had a solid training session Thursday morning. The session didn’t start out quite the way I had been hoping, but I told the guys they have got to be ready to train hard in the morning and them come back for a meet in the evening. Teams like Carmel and Chesterton are doing it. If we want to be at that level we have to as well.”

Raider freshman Seth Cripe leads in the 200 free (1:49.79) and 500 free (4:55.00). Other Northridge leaders are senior Austin Flager in the 500 free (21.34) and junior Jonathan Stoller in the 200 IM (2:00.27).

“Flager, Stoller and (senior) AJ Bernth all have very tired legs,” Keller said. “Once we start backing off on them and their legs return they will be going faster. The key to going fast is having fresh legs.”

One Northridge swimmer that moved up into a championship final was sophomore Lucas McLain in the 50 free. His seed time was 24.31 before he turned in a 23.68 to rank seventh in Saturday’s finale.

“He dropped .7 of a second,” Keller said. “That is a lot of time to drop in a 50 free. Those are the kind of performances you want to see. You always want to see a kid be rewarded for the effort he has put in.”

Goshen senior Adam Bratten is third in the 200 IM (2:02.30) and fourth in the 100 back (56.83) and senior Daniel Swihart seventh in the 100 fly (1:00.00).

“Our kids got some good experience and we had some good swims,” Goshen coach Nate Duell said. “We swam against the clock tonight. The idea was to get their lanes for Saturday.

“Bratten had a very good IM. That was an event we didn’t really know how he would do since we didn’t swim him in that a lot during the season. We wanted to keep all of his strokes fresh.

“Noah Shreiner (junior) had career-best times in the 200 free (2:03.57) and 500 free (5:42.91).”

Duell has some maneuvering he can do with his relays on Saturday.

“We didn’t use any of our top swimmers — Bratten, Swihart and (sophomore) Ian Duell — in a relay tonight,” the coach said.

Wawasee junior Zac Hershberger leads the 100 free field (50.99).

NLC Preliminaries

200-YARD MEDLEY RELAY — 1, Northridge (AJ Bernth, Jesse Drake, Jeremy Burbrink, Takoda Friesen) 1:43.48; 2, Warsaw (Josh Miller, Mac Pelo, Zach Taylor, Connor Schue) 1:53.24; 3, Concord (Brandon White, Cameron Culp, Rees Paul, Luke VanderVliet) 1:53.98; 4, Elkhart Memorial (Mitchell Howard, Austin King, Cameron Green, Brenden Macklem) 1:55.40; 5, Wawasee (Andrew Busse, Mason Germonprez, Seth Shoemaker, Austin Krizman) 1:57.39; 6, NorthWood (Nate Nunemaker, Jake Snider, Riley Smith, Connor Yoder) 2:00.92; 7, Plymouth (Jake Martin, Brandon Brashere, Matt Pearson, Brady Ruffing) 2:02.74; 8, Goshen (Tyler James, Brady Hoke, Alex Metcalfe, Trevor Wood) 2:02.90.

200-YARD FREESTYLE — 1, Seth Cripe (Northridge( 1:49.79); 2, Tyler Matthews (Northridge (1:51.32; 3, Sebastian List (Wawasee) 1:51.72; 4, Chayton Friesen (Northridge) 1:54.29; 5, Andrew Thrasher (Warsaw) 1:54.88; 6, Stephen Krecsmar (Concord) 1:55.12; 7, JD French (Warsaw) 1:56.04; 8, Alex Mark (Concord) 1:57.22; 9, Ethan Cook (Warsaw) 1:59.55; 10, Seth Shoemaker (Wawasee) 2:00.09; 11, Zach Wright (Concord) 2:02.58; 12, Caige Wahlgren (Wawasee) 2:03.04; 13,  Noah Shreiner (Goshen) 2:03.57; 14, Tristen Singleton (Elkhart Memorial) 2;04.42; 15, Mitchell Troyer (Elkhart Memorial) 2:04.78; 16, Jake Snider (NorthWood) 2:10.12.

200-YARD INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY — 1, Jonathan Stoller (Northridge) 2:00.27; 2, AJ Bernth (Northridge( 2:01.49; 3, Adam Bratten (Goshen) 2:02.30; 4, Joe Mueller (Northridge) 2:03.28; 5, Zach Taylor (Warsaw) 2:09.02; 6, Luke VanderVliet (Concord) 2:10.98; 7, Caleb Snyder (Warsaw) 2:12.23; 8, Mac Pelo (Warsaw) 2:13.78; 9, Andrew Busse (Wawasee) 2:15.48; 10, Andrew Hinds (Concord) 2:15.58; 11, Mason Germonprez (Wawasee) 2:17.96; 12, Brandon White (Concord) 2;18.30; 13, Alex Metcalfe (Goshen) 2:19.70; 14, Corey Kenworthy (Wawasee) 2:19.72; 15, Austin King (Elkhart Memorial) 2:27.11; 16, Howard Mitchell (Elkhart Memorial) 2:28.92.

50-YARD FREESTYLE — 1, Austin Flager (Northridge) 21:34; 2, Jayden Parrett (Warsaw) 22.58; 3, Takoda Friesen (Northridge) 22.59; 4, Trent Chamness (Concord) 22.98; 5, tie, Luke Smith (Wawasee) and Nathan Rose (Concord)  23.53; 7, Lucas McLain (Northridge) 23.68; 8, Matt Wildman (Warsaw) 24.08; 9, Brenden Macklem (Elkhart Memorial) 24.,42; 10, Ian Duell (Goshen) 24.46; 11, Cameron Green (Elkhart Memorial) 24.79; 12, Connor Schue (Warsaw) 25.21; 13, Daniel Swihart (Goshen) 25.40; 14, Brandon Brashere (Plymouth) 25.51; 15, Kyle Butler (Goshen) 26.21; 16, CC Bastardo (Plymouth) 26.32.

100-YARD BUTTERFLY — 1, Spencer Davidson (Warsaw) 54.61; 2, Jonathan Stoller (Northridge) 54.68; 3, Logan Brugh (Wawasee) 56.57; 4, Jeremy Burbrink (Northridge) 56.59; 5, Takoda Friesen (Northridge) 57.28; 6, Andrew Thrasher (Warsaw) 57.64; 7, Daniel Swihart (Goshen) 1:00.00; 8, Zach Wright (Concord) 1:00.16; 9, Corey Kenworthy (Wawasee) 1:01.93; 10, Seth Shoemaker (Wawasee) 1:02.26; 11, Alex Metcalfe (Goshen) 1:03.91; 12, Rees Paul (Concord) 1:04.32; 13, Jacob Reynolds (Warsaw) 1:05.08; 14, Riley Smith (NorthWood) 1:05.47; 15, Matt Pearson (Plymouth) 1:07.88; 16, Kyle Butler (Goshen) 1:09.01.

100-YARD FREESTYLE — 1, Zac Hershberger (Wawasee) 50.99; 2, Trent Chamness (Concord) 51.05; 3, Conner Sandt (Northridge) 51.75; 4, Luke Smith (Wawasee) 52.16; 5, Nathan Rose (Concord) 52.39; 6, Matt Wildman (Warsaw) 52.40; 7, JD French (Warsaw) 53.19; 9, Josh Miller (Warsaw) 53.20; 9, Logan Elijah (Northridge) 54.15; 10, Brenden Macklem (Elkhart Memorial) 54.57; 11, Cameron Green (Elkhart Memorial) 54.83; 12, Ian Duell (Goshen) 55.14; 13, Mitchell Troyer (Elkhart Memorial) 55.17; 14, Cameron Culp (Concord) 55.58; 15, Caige Wahlgren (Wawasee) 55.60; 16, Jordan Lantz (Northridge) 55.70.

500-YARD FREESTYLE — 1, Seth Cripe (Northridge) 4:55.00; 2, Joe Mueller (Northridge) 4:56.00; 3, Logan Brugh (Wawasee) 4:57.83; 4, Tyler Matthews (Northridge) 5:00.70; 5, Zach Taylor (Warsaw) 5:08.77; 6, Alex Mark (Concord) 5:14.32; 7, Andrew Busse (Wawasee) 5:20.10; 8, Stephen Krecsmar (Concord) 5:20.52; 9, Ethan Cook (Warsaw) 5:22.72; 10, Noah Shreiner (Goshen) 5:42.91; 11, Tristen Singleton (Elkhart Memorial) 5:42.97; 12, Matt Pelo (Warsaw) 5:52.11; 13, Nate Nunemaker (NorthWood) 5:53.04; 14, Avery Horner (Elkhart Memorial) 5:58.51; 15, Ben Slabaugh (Wawasee) 6:02.66; 16, Matt Pearson (Plymouth) 6:03.99.

200-YARD FREESTYLE RELAY — 1, Northridge (Lucas McLain, Conner Sander, Joe Mueller, Seth Cripe) 1:34.97; 2, Warsaw (Andrew Thrasher, JD French, Mac Pelo, Matt Wildman) 1:39.69; 3, Concord (Nathan Rose, Cameron Culp, Alex Mark, Stephen Krecsmar) 1:40.15; 4, Elkhart Memorial (Cameron Green, Mitchell Troyer, Tristen Singleton, Brenden Macklem) 1:41.32; 5, Wawasee (Sebastian List, Thomas Thystrup, Corey Kenworthy, Logan Brugh) 1:41.73; Goshen (Kyle Butler, Jacob Isnogle, Charlie Ostergren, Tyler James) 1:46.54; 7, Plymouth (Daniel DeLeon, Colin Calvert, CC Bastardo, Brady Ruffing) 1:48.48; 8, NorthWood (Mason Pippenger, Nathan Blucker, Logan Berger, Nolan McBride) 2:02.20.

100-YARD BACKSTROKE — 1, Jayden Parrett (Warsaw) 54.17; 2, Austin Flager (Northridge) 55.71; 3, AJ Bernth (Northridge) 55.99; 4, Adam Bratten (Goshen) 56.83; 5, Josh Miller (Warsaw) 58.81; 6, Sebastian List (Wawasee) 59.04; 7, Brandon White (Concord) 59.35; 8, Caleb Snyder (Warsaw) 59.44; 9, Luke VanderVliet (Concord) 1:00.23; 10, Phillip Keller (Northridge) 1:02.73; 11, Rees Paul (Concord) 1:03.65; 12, Danny Allen (Wawasee) 1:04.22; 13, Logan Haessig (Wawasee) 1:06.39; 14, Mitchell Howard (Elkhart Memorial) 1:07.76; 15, Riley Smith (NorthWood) 1:10.80; 16, Hayden Ludlow (Elkhart Memorial) 1:14.81.

100-YARD BREASTSTROKE — 1, Spencer Davidson (Warsaw) 1:01.46; 2, Zac Hershberger (Wawasee) 1:03.75; 3, Jesse Drake (Northridge) 1:04.39; 4, Phillip Keller (Northridge) 1:04.48; 5, Chayton Friesen (Northridge) 1:06.68; 6, Austin King (Elkhart Memorial) 1:07.25; 7, Mason Germonprez (Wawasee) 1:07.54; 8, Mac Pelo (Warsaw) 1:07.90; 9, Brandon Brashere (Plymouth) 1:08.99; 10, Andrew Hinds (Concord) 1:09.35; 11, Cameron Culp (Concord) 1:11.02; 12, Connor Schue (Warsaw) 1:12.33; 13, Austin Krizman (Wawasee) 1:12.63; 14, Jake Snider (NorthWood) 1:12.73; 15, Tyler James (Goshen) 1:13.15; 16, Brady Hoke (Goshen) 1:15.39.

400-YARD FREESTYLE RELAY — 1, Northridge (Tyler Matthews, Conner Sandt, Joe Mueller, Seth Cripe) 3:30.45; 2, Warsaw (Josh Miller, JD French, Zach Taylor, Andrew Thrasher) 3:33.75; 3, Concord (Nathan Rose, Alex Mark, Trent Chamness, Zach Wright) 3:38.43; 4, Wawasee (Sebastian List, Seth Shoemaker, Andrew Busse, Zac Hershberger) 3:47.90; 5, Elkhart Memorial (Mitchell Troyer, Mitchell Howard, Avery Horner, Tristen Singleton) 3:55.45; 6, Goshen (kyle Butler, Noah Shreiner, Trevor Wood, Alex Metcalfe) 4:00.31; 7, Plymouth (Jake Martin, Daniel DeLeon, Matt Pearson, Brandon Brashere) 4;18.45; 8, NorthWood (Mason Pippenger, Zach Snider, Alex McBride, Nolan McBride) 4:52.15.

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