Goshen News, Goshen, IN

September 18, 2013

GOSHEN CITY COUNCIL: Lippert property accepted into city


GOSHEN — Goshen City Council members Tuesday voted to approve an annexation agreement with Lippert Components Manufacturing Inc. involving a 56-acre plot of land recently purchased by the company.

Lippert, a tier-1 supplier serving the manufactured housing, recreational vehicle and cargo/horse trailer industries, reportedly purchased the property from Larry and Monta Penrod with the intent to develop the real estate for future company uses.

According to the agreement, the two-parcel plot of land is located north of C.R. 40, east of Corrie Drive and west of U.S. 33 — an area located outside, but contiguous to the corporate limits of the city.

Referencing sewer and water needs for the property, Lippert has agreed to pay the city’s standard sewer connection fee and water connection fee for the applicable parcels at the time such connections are made, as well as any sewer and water inspection costs and any future sewer or water taps.

As stated in the agreement, existing water mains can currently only be extended to the property to provide adequate water service to the northern parcel, or Parcel B. In order to properly serve the southern parcel, or Parcel A, Lippert has agreed to construct a water main within the city right-of-way along the north side of C.R. 40 from Corrie Drive to the western boundary of Parcel A when such a water connection becomes necessary.

Due to this fact, the city has agreed to reimburse Lippert for the cost of this water main construction from tax increment funds (TIF) generated by the property.

A similar agreement was also made regarding the extension of sewer mains to the property, where existing mains can currently only be extended to serve Parcel B. As such, Lippert has agreed to pay the cost of any needed sewer improvements for the development of Parcel A, with the city agreeing to reimburse Lippert for any costs incurred through TIF funds generated from the property.

Moving on to any future development plans for the site, Lippert has agreed to submit detailed development plans for any development expected to begin before the effective date of the annexation to the Goshen Planning and Zoning Department, Goshen Department of Stormwater Management and Goshen Engineering Department for review.

Lippert has also been tasked with designing and constructing a drainage plan which will retain all stormwater on the subject property.